The WordPress Specialists

Creating With WordPress for 10+ Years 🚀

10+ years, 150+ WordPress plugins, 100,000+ sales, 1,000,000+ users. We serve everyone, from mom&pop stores to fortune 500 companies. If it’s WordPress, we’ve done it!

Things Have Changed

In August 2009, when WebFactory was founded, saying that you only do projects based on WordPress was a bold statement! It meant you found your niche, that you specialized in something. Today, that’s hardly the case. Not only that it is not bold, but it’s also far from a niche. With WordPress powering well over 30% of all websites, “doing WordPress” is hardly a niche anymore.

So why didn’t we pick one thing and stick to it? Too many ideas! Like a kid in a candy shop, we want to try them all. Sounds like a mess,  but it’s a creative one, and we like it! From that “mess”, we’ve created numerous plugins that help millions!

What We (don’t) Do

We’ve never been an agency. We’re certainly not one now. Despite providing a range of services to many awesome clients over the years, we no longer provide any custom services. Hence we don’t work on client projects nor can we help you with any custom work. “But, I have the next sliced-bread idea …” We’re happy for you! But it’s not our thing anymore.

“Why”, you ask? It is simple: We want to focus solely on our products and do so in a way we find fit and enjoyable. We want to explore new ideas on a whim. Rapidly deploy projects that may or may not stick and don’t worry if they don’t. Try new things that haven’t been done before, and do those that have been done but in our own way. We want to be free from conventional business pressure and other bindings that come with working with clients.

We create WordPress products & projects. And we’re having fun while doing it! 🚀

The WordPress Specialists