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Ten years is a long time, especially in “internet years”. During that time we’ve amassed quite a collection of WordPress related products. Some may be obsolete now, but we still maintain them because we know people rely on them – they email us daily. Our collection grows continuously as we find new ways to help people use WordPress better, faster, and easier!

WP Reset Plugin

WordPress’s popularity mostly steams out of its ease of use and friendliness towards beginners. Thousands of people build their first websites every day using WordPress. You can easily find answers on Google, test themes and plugins, and generally, try things out.

Once you’re confident enough, it’s time to start building a site for real. But how do you remove everything from WordPress? All the things you’ve been testing out? Easy – you reset it using WP Reset. Nearly 200,000 non-developers and developers alike use it every day to start fresh.

WP Reset is the first WordPress development tool for non-developers, and we’re very proud of it!

Simply the best! This plugin is great! Helped me in theme development (starter content and installer). There’s no better than that. Thanks!– lvfxbr

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301 Redirects Plugin

You work hard to get people to visit your site. You pay for ads, build links, post on social media. But what happens when someone makes a typo in the URL? People visit your site but then see the ugly, dreaded 404 error. They leave and often don’t come back. Would you believe nearly 10% of your hard-earned traffic gets lost that way?

This is where 301 Redirects comes in. It manages all redirections on your site, including those from broken URLs to live ones to get you happier visitors.

Easy to use & effective. Thank you for this useful plugin, it’s simple to use and does what is expected of it.– BeePress

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UnderConstructionPage Plugin

You should never let visitors see your site broken or unfinished. That’s why over 400,000 site owners use the UnderConstructionPage plugin. It helps everyone set up a great looking page in minutes and provides visitors the much-needed assurance that you’re working on the site. Agencies love our plugin too, as it has numerous features implemented for working with clients and over 200 templates.

Like all our plugins – it saves time and money!

Exactly what I needed! The plugin is so quick and simple to use. Loved the beautiful design available. The social icones are a nice idea too.– ErikEmanuelli

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Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Plugin

What’s the first thing you do after buying a new domain or start building a new site? You set up a Coming Soon page and start collecting emails from day one. Having a way to reach users is crucial. CSMM offers everything you need to build a great coming soon page in minutes. Over a hundred templates cover all businesses, from brick&mortar stores to webinars and wedding planners.

With just a bit of customization, any page can look like it was built specifically for your business and brand!

This is far the best maintenance plugin I’ve ever used. Seems like most functions have been dealt with and considered very carefully. Thanks a lot for making my working hours a bit shorter.– sergio1881

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Google Maps Widget Plugin

With two million downloads and over 100,000 users, GMW is one of the most popular map solutions for WordPress. A no-nonsense plugin that saves time when building maps, and money when you have to pay the monthly API bill to Google. Unlike similar plugins, it uses a static-image map for the thumbnail which is drastically improving page load time and saving on more and more expensive API calls.

With carefully selected features, this plugin is quite a time and money saver!

It is awesome. All the features I needed were easily accessible.– Marina

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WP Sticky

Sometimes, all you want to do is make an element stick to a part of the site. Sounds simple, but when you start modifying your theme or adding custom CSS, things get complicated and the website gets broken. We’ve all been there, no matter the experience.

That’s why we created WP Sticky – a simple plugin that helps you select one or more elements on your WordPress site, change settings, and decide how to make it sticky.

Works like a charm, both in desktop and mobile, no issues at all. No weird jumps, no errors in console, no ads, no ugly backed settings, just perfect!”

– Vicky Medrano

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Simple Author Box

Writing is no easy job. Everyone who tried putting together a comprehensive article knows that. So it’s important to credit your authors the right way – by showing an author box with their image, biography, and links to social media.

Since it is important to make the author box play nice with the rest of your site, the Simple Author Box plugin lets you customize every bit to your liking. Add multiple authors to one article, and use guest authors with ease, choose templates & color schemes, and much more.

I’m very happy with it, works as intended and the author is constantly pushing out updates to make it better.– bipicciuti

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WP Force SSL

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client and is a must-have for every WordPress user. Even if you don’t know much about it, WP Force SSL will solve your problems.

Let the plugin install a free SSL certificate for you. Check all the posts & pages for mixed content that can hurt your site, and let the plugin fix that in one click. Continually monitor your SSL for errors and finally have a secure site without worrying about the certificate.

Just install the plugin, toggle a switch, and you’re good to go! Upgrades the security of your website immediately.
– iand0

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WP Links

Links are an important part of every website. They help users navigate, as well as they have an impact on SEO. So it’s crucial that you keep them neat & clean.

With WP Links, you can create rules for internal and external links, and make sure everything is in order. Scan the entire site and find broken or malicious links that can be quickly fixed.

Works perfectly fine – there is an option to exclude some domains that you want to actually give out do-follow links to- so a great solution for managing your external links.– thechairexpert007

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WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping

If you’re a WooCommerce user, you will probably need to handle shipping. With this plugin, you will be able to create advanced shipping rules based on weight, item count, and more.

Create unique shipping method names, and control shipping like never before.

Makes it super easy to set up table-based shipping rates, for multiple shipping methods for each zone.

– dpwebmaster

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WooCommerce Order Export

Hopefully, your WooCommerce site has a lot of orders. If that’s the case, handling all the orders might become a daunting task, so let the Order Export plugin help you.

Set up multiple automatic exports, and deliver one monthly to your accountant, and one daily to your packing staff. Reorder the columns, and finally have control over your orders.

This is a very simple to use and great product. The support was the best ever received from any plugin i have ever purchased.
– bnermal1114

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WP Login Lockdown

Login forms in WordPress are sensitive to potential attacks. So even before hackers get to try their skills on your site, protect the form.

Block bots from even trying to access the site. Change the login URL, block malicious scripts, and maintain a blacklist of bad IP addresses across all the sites that you manage.

Plugin makes your website really safer. Easy to setup and many options.
– tatof

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Free WordPress Plugins

At any given time, we maintain over fifteen free WordPress plugins hosted on the official plugin repository. Collectively they have over a million users. Some have a paid-for pro version, but most don’t. Pro version or not, we take care of all plugins and users the same best way.

If you’re using any of our free plugins, we’d love to hear back from you. A simple email, tweet, or review will be more than enough. Maintaining free WordPress plugins is not free, but we love to do it and will continue to do it!

Great support from the author team. A plugin author who supports his/her users and answers questions in a timely manner surely deserves a 5-star rating.– Mahdi Yazdani

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