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Sometimes we have an idea. Actually, we have ideas all the time. We have too many of them! Having an idea and bringing it to life are two very different things. That’s why as we get older (and wiser), we’ve learned not to pursue every single thing that comes to our minds. It’s not always easy, as an idea can seem like the best thing ever till you sleep on it for a few days.

There’s no methodology in what “side projects” we do or don’t do. Things just happen. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. If we had a crystal ball to tell us which projects will be successful, we’d be millionaires by now. We’re not.

As we grow, it’s getting harder to just drop everything and do things out of love, on a whim. But we still do it! And enjoy it!

Tidy Repo

Finding your way through over 55,000 plugins in the official repository is hard. Tidy Repo offers a curated list of the best and most functional WordPress plugins. That doesn’t mean we only review the best, or the most popular, or commercial ones. Quite the contrary. Many plugins on Tidy have merely a few hundred installations. Simply, if a plugin is not dependable – we won’t list it. New plugins are added at least once a week, so be sure to check back often!

Founded in 2013, Tidy Repo is one of the oldest sites specialized in reviewing WordPress plugins. So far, our authors wrote nearly 400 reviews.

Visit Tidy Repo to read the latest plugin reviews

WP Newsify

WP Newsify covers everything and anything related to WordPress on a daily base. Be it news, tips, tricks, discount codes, plugins or themes, if it’s WordPress related – we’ll cover it. Site’s founder, Peter Nelson, established strong relationships with the industry leaders early on. Thanks to him, WP Newsify is already well known in the WordPress community. With over a hundred authors and more than 400 published articles, the site continues to gain popularity.

Founded in 2016 by Peter Nelson, WP Newsify quickly gained popularity thanks to strong ties to WP industry leaders.

Catch up with the latest news on WP Newsify

Theme Circle

The official WordPress theme directory alone offers over 7,500 free themes. ThemeForest has over 10,000 commercial ones. There’s a lot of themes out there and it’s getting more difficult to pick the right one for the next project. This is where Theme Circle comes in. We pick and showcase the very best themes to save you time and money. No more browsing through hundreds of theme previews just to find the right one – we do the heavy lifting for you.

Your head spins when you see how many WordPress themes are available. All those choices make it hard to pick the right one. Or, you can visit Theme Circle, where we pick the best themes.

Find the Right Theme for Your Site

WP Sauce

Our latest endeavor, WP Sauce, covers the usual WordPress topics but puts a strong emphasis on running a business by using WordPress and WordPress based tools. From optimizing site speed to conversions and generating leads, we try to put out the best tools and show how to use them more efficiently. Of course, we also do classic plugin reviews, how-to articles, and WP related news.

If you’re looking to enhance your business by using WordPress tools, look no further.

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