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Gordan has been running WebFactory for a decade and has twenty years of experience as a developer. When not wrangling code, he loves writing about WordPress, and he's always thinking about the next pet WP project to get involved with.

Best Free Autoresponder Tools


Email marketing takes the throne when it comes to the most prosperous marketing tools. And by topping the conversion rates it remains the undisputed champion of B2B marketing strategies. With email marketing the secret lies in personalization and direct communication with your users, followed by exceptional versatility in the goals you want to achieve. By perfecting your email marketing strategy...

Top 5 SaaS For Human Resource Management


Every business structure is constructed with numerous sectors that branch out to different roles to establish a good organization and a plan that drives you towards success. Every role withholds significance with its value to be added for completing the bigger picture. There are many different business models, and everyone has their own style of operating, but doing so in a chaotic environment...

How To Promote Your Blog For Free – 35 Techniques


Let me ask you a quick question right of the bat: How much time do you spend on promoting your content? Take your writing process as a counterweight. Do you spend more time on writing than promoting? The answer would surely be yes because that’s the way to go. Writing content, doing thorough research, assembling exceptional sentences, and producing the cherry-picked information to feed them to...

Top Online Web Scraping Tools to Collect The Data You Need


All websites contain a huge amount of data that is insanely valuable to a certain online surfer. That could refer to a few different things, but I’m pointing towards that data that gives away the intentions of your competition regarding their prices, listings, their reputation, contacts, and all kinds of stats that you desperately want to get your hands on. And there is nothing wrong with that...

Top 5 Task Management Software To Handle Your Team’s Tasks


When you’re running an online business, things tend to get messy occasionally (frequently is probably the more accurate description). Tasks can build up, and if you are behind your schedule, oh boy, you’re in for a treat. You have to arrange your activities, social media posts, meetings, track progress, and so much more to handle. If you are working in a team-based environment, it can get much...

Should You Use Referral Programs For Your SaaS Product?


Waking up on a Monday morning – difficult. Sticking to your diet and training routines – difficult. Approaching a person you like – difficult. Attracting serious traffic and making remarkable sales – extremely difficult. Some would disagree, most would back up this opinion. You invest in ads, promote yourself to get the word spread in every possible corner of the world wide web, but the slowpoke...

The WordPress Specialists