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We answer most emails within a few hours. If we didn’t answer yours, it means you didn’t follow the rules below.

Rules of engagement

Please understand – we have a finite amount of time available each day. In order to optimize that time, and use it to its full potential, we kindly ask you to respect our rules. We will not answer emails that aren’t following these rules:

  • Please use the support forms and chat on the product or project you need support for.
  • We no longer do any custom client work; coding, designing, modifying or consulting. Unfortunately, we can’t recommend anybody, either.
  • If we’ve never done business before, please make sure you include some social profiles in your message so we can check if we’re a good fit.
  • We don’t do any affiliate work and are not interested in promoting and products or services on a percentage basis.
  • We will not reply to any rude, demanding or inappropriate emails!

I want to call you this instance

Sorry, that’s not possible. Yes, we do have a phone but experience tells us that whatever it is that you need – you can email us. Then, if needed, we’ll schedule a call. We hope you understand.

I’m still a fan of regular old mail!

We’re not fans of “snail mail”. Paper is just a waste of trees, and we really need them. However, if you feel there’s a reason to send us something – go ahead. We won’t say no to some nice swag! :)

WebFactory Ltd
S. Batusica 5
10090 Zagreb

I don’t like contact forms

In that case, please message us on or send a tweet @webfactoryltd.

Finally, the contact form

Contact form


Still not satisfied?

We can’t please everyone but let’s give it another shot – email us directly on . But please read the rules above as this email is NOT for support. Thank you for understanding.


The WordPress Specialists