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Are Your Brand Colors Working for Your B2B Website?


Advice on the color palette you should use for your website is all over the place. While it makes sense, in theory, to use your brand colors for your online presence, the reality doesn’t always mesh. It’s good to offer consistency across different mediums and even online and offline methods, but what happens when your colors don’t translate well? In the most recent State of the Connected Consumer...

The Best Post Grid Plugins for WordPress: Build Easy-To-Navigate Websites


Navigating your way through a website can sometimes be a bit mind-numbing. Especially if you are trying to find something and it’s your first time on the website. Just the process of boring and endless scrolling can irritate you, right? Sometimes it can even lead the person to the point where they will leave the website and never return. It is essential to think about a quick way to get...

Fresh Study Shows How Web Design Is Changing in New Conditions


Today absolutely everyone can imagine the scale of the damage caused by the coronavirus infection. The pandemic has left its mark on all spheres of life. However, like everything else, the current situation has two sides: good and bad. Among several areas that stand out against all odds and even show excellent performance in the shortest possible time, we should mention web design. Web design is...

Top 5 Free Plagiarism Checkers: Write Original Content Effortlessly


It is essential not just to copy and paste other people’s work when it comes to writing. That is not a way to achieve authenticity, and you surely want to be unique and gain great publicity. And if you’re going to reach that, you have to try and make your work different and unique. However, it is not always easy to come up with writing ideas. Also, that is the reason why some people...

The Best Startup Ideation Tools to Improve Your Business


When we talk about startups, the main goal of every single entrepreneur is to keep their costs as low as possible. There are tons of different tools that can help startups to reduce their costs. However, there are most of the time some costs they have to pay for at the end. Luckily, there are ideation tools for startups that will most likely improve your efficiency and overall work. So, let us...

Top 12 WordPress Themes for Online Courses: Create a Modern eLearning Experience


Themes are developed, upgraded, and updated over some time. So, we have a case that some WordPress themes, which until yesterday were highly sought after and used, today may not be the first choice for many. However, the best WordPress theme can be with a paid license, but there are also free WordPress themes that stand out and are very high quality. Every day, in greater or lesser numbers, web...

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