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Outreach Automation – to Use It or Not to Use It?


Anyone with an email address has, at some point, received a promotional email from some company. You may have purchased some of their products in the past or just shared your contact info with them, but hardly could you avoid being targeted in at least one campaign as a potential buyer. Automated outreach emails are a part of the marketing automation process, and various businesses or...

Top Growth Hacks for SaaS Startups


It is no secret that many developers/businesses use SaaS hacks to increase their growth rates highly. There are many different hacks, and each of them has a specific purpose for certain case scenarios. Therefore, experimentation is a must, as sometimes, specific hacks won’t be applicable for your types of use. SaaS growth hacks help you reach out to more people and increase your brand’s...

8 Reasons Why Your Online Business Should Emulate Amazon


While you shouldn’t try to compete with a mega-giant like Amazon, you can learn from the things that make them so successful. Their customer experience (CX) model is one of the best around. In the first quarter of 2020, Amazon hit about $75.45 billion in net sales. The retailer grows year after year, despite world events and negative impacts on the global economy. While you shouldn’t...

How To Promote Your Blog For Free – 35 Techniques


Let me ask you a quick question right of the bat: How much time do you spend on promoting your content? Take your writing process as a counterweight. Do you spend more time on writing than promoting? The answer would surely be yes because that’s the way to go. Writing content, doing thorough research, assembling exceptional sentences, and producing the cherry-picked information to feed them to...

Top Online Web Scraping Tools to Collect The Data You Need


All websites contain a huge amount of data that is insanely valuable to a certain online surfer. That could refer to a few different things, but I’m pointing towards that data that gives away the intentions of your competition regarding their prices, listings, their reputation, contacts, and all kinds of stats that you desperately want to get your hands on. And there is nothing wrong with that...

Top 5 Task Management Software To Handle Your Team’s Tasks


When you’re running an online business, things tend to get messy occasionally (frequently is probably the more accurate description). Tasks can build up, and if you are behind your schedule, oh boy, you’re in for a treat. You have to arrange your activities, social media posts, meetings, track progress, and so much more to handle. If you are working in a team-based environment, it can get much...

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