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Top 5 Services That Will Help You Design a Logo for Your Business


In our fabulous day and age of the almighty Internet, you don’t have to be a designer to be able to create a sweet-looking logo. They can do this and get away with it, even though they never went through any designing course or education. No matter how much professional graphic designers and logo makers despise this fact (and to be clear, digital design takes real skill and effort), even...

5 Services to Help You Personalize Your Site


Standing out in the sea of the similar-looking website is a difficult feat, and can only be done through a high degree of personalization. However, it’s not always easy to know where to start. That is why we have prepared this overview that will present some of the best ways to personalize your WordPress site. Some of the services are online cloud solutions, while some are WordPress plugins...

SEO Booster – The Easiest Way to Improve Your SEO Ranking


Everybody wants a website with one-too-many visitors, because that is the recipe for sales, and in essence, money in your pocket! To get there, it usually means that the website is ranking first on Google and that whoever does the marketing knows what they are doing. Social Media and various blogs have us believing that getting there is an overnight thing. “Just click here, and then there, and...

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Newsletter With 5K People?


If you are unclear on how much a newsletter campaigns cost and what are the initial costs of setting up this marketing channel, don’t worry, you are not the only one. Even though it’s widely advertised and discussed how email marketing campaigns are some of the most useful marketing tools ever, the actual cost of running them is not always transparent. If you’re running a tight...

How Cloud Storage Changed The Way Users Share Files


Chances are you already know, but let’s go over it just in case. This sort of compatibility not only provides simple integration without code changes but also makes cloud file storage ideal for workloads that rely on shared file systems. The keyword here being “shared” as teamwork is at the heart of every successful organization (every organization, period, if we’re precise). That is why...

SmartCrawl – A WordPress SEO Plugin


Finding the best WordPress SEO plugin for your website may sound daunting at first. Most folks like to play it safe and just go with Yoast SEO, which is not a mistake at all. But at the same time, there are valuable alternatives to consider, one of which happens to be SmartCrawl. In a nutshell, this nifty little plugin comes with a ton of convenient features, among others, optimization and...

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