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Should You Use Referral Programs For Your SaaS Product?


Waking up on a Monday morning – difficult. Sticking to your diet and training routines – difficult. Approaching a person you like – difficult. Attracting serious traffic and making remarkable sales – extremely difficult. Some would disagree, most would back up this opinion. You invest in ads, promote yourself to get the word spread in every possible corner of the world wide web, but the slowpoke...

What SaaS Tools Should Every Startup Have?


Being a startup is hard. You never have enough time, resources, money, or staff to help you run your business. When we look at successful startups, the ones that succeed are the ones that find ways to be most efficient and effective. Luckily for you, there are many different web-based tools made to help you and your startup overcome common issues you might face: minimal budgets, time constraints...

How to Set Up Google My Business For Your Business


Running a business, regardless of its nature, is a taxing job. Luckily, some things are easier nowadays then they were some time ago. Before the advent of the Internet, you had to commission television, newspaper and radio ads, flyers, billboards, and much more to get to your customers. Now it’s enough to cover the web, and you’re good to go. Social media is always something where...

The Most Common Reasons For A High Churn Rate


Attaining and keeping customers is one of the essentials you need to focus on while running a business. In sports, they always say it’s easier to win a title than it is to defend it and the same stands in the world of business. Because there are so many options out there, you’ll need to be constantly trying to keep your churn rates low. Naturally, you should always be on the lookout for new...

Best WordPress Plugins for Keeping a Maintained Site


Keeping your site maintained can be a tricky task, but only if you do not have the right set of tools. Whether you already have a finished site, or you are in the process of creating one, it is good to know which tools you need and what gets the job done. More than 55,000 WordPress plugins are available for general use. Now I know what you are thinking. Yes, it is nearly impossible to try all of...

The Psychology Behind SaaS Pricing


Rolling out a plugin or SaaS always has multiple factors that determine the success of the venture. From the ground up, there is the initial idea, realization, testing, marketing, etc. The final touch that’s put on everything, however, is the pricing. Naturally, you’ve outlined the costs and price in the planning stage, but the actual deed is done right at the very end. The fact that it’s usually...

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