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5 Mistakes WordPress Developers Make When Trying to Speed Up Their Website


I know what you’re thinking, “I have a speed plugin/caching plugin on my site; that’s all I need, right?” Especially when it comes to your SEO results. People think that because their website is not ‘extremely slow,’ that means they’ve done their job. Actually, not only is shaving even .5s off the load time going to improve user experience drastically, but it can drastically improve the organic...

How to Choose Help Desk Software for Your Small Business


No matter what kind of business you run, it is always imperative that you provide your clients with the best possible support in order to ensure your service is as good as it can be. But this is especially true for small businesses. At some point, even small businesses have to start thinking about implementing systems that can help them address their clients in a more efficient way, which is...

Top Guerrilla Marketing Tactics You Should Know About


Any project, product, or idea, no matter how good it might be, needs marketing. You could be sitting on a million-dollar idea, but if no one has heard about it, it becomes worthless. Marketing is a science on its own and sometimes requires years of studying for someone to grasp the concepts of marketing, but that is what we call traditional marketing. The marketing we are going to talk about...

5 Linux and Windows Hosting Differences You Should Know About


If you are considering between Linux and Windows hosting for your business or personal website, then you definitely want first to identify your technological needs. The fact that Linux operating system (OS) currently runs on more web servers (over 55 %) than Windows (around 30%), according to W3Techs, is not a yardstick for choosing Linus hosting over Windows hosting. Both servers are relatively...

Is Your Online Business Ready for This Holiday Season?


It seems like Christmas bursts onto the scene earlier each year than the one before. Halloween is barely past when holiday decorations line the shelves of your local retail stores.  If you aren’t already thinking about Christmas for your online business, then you’re a little behind. This year, we have a shortened holiday shopping season due to Thanksgiving falling late in November...

How Before-and-Afters Help Boost Conversions


Nearly everyone has seen the late-night infomercials showing a once-chubby movie star suddenly transformed into a svelte diva thanks to the help of some diet plan. While not all before-and-afters are as dramatic as others, there is still a place for them in most business models. Conversion rates vary drastically across different industries. Overall, e-commerce averages 2.86%, but the rate varies...

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