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Creating a Perfect Development Environment on your Mac


The environment you have can either be the key to innovation or hinder your progress when developing software. If you are a Mac user, learn how to manage your device for software development efficiently here. Creating a development environment that caters to your needs will give you a smooth and efficient experience. The primary focus of this article is to discuss how to build the ultimate...

How to Test All the Features of Your WordPress Website


WordPress has been present for a considerable amount of time as a viable content management system. Its wide array of features and functionalities allow for the exceptional handling of the content. Many corporations and businesses have implemented WordPress in their: Website design Hosting Blog publishing, and other tasks. WordPress might be an impeccable CMS platform but in the end, it is a non...

5 Significant Differences Between Laravel And Ruby On Rails


A web framework is a tool that facilitates the process of writing and running a web application. Thanks to it, there is no need to write a lot of lines of code and spend time looking for potential errors. From the very beginning, all the lines of future applications were written manually, and only the application developer could modify or deploy it, but web frameworks allowed to change this...

Guide to Understanding CSS Variables


CSS Variables (also referred to as cascading variables or custom properties) are style sheet language entities that contain specific values that can be reused throughout a web document. For instance, if your website’s main color is green and you want to apply the color to various HTML elements throughout the website. The ideal concept is to declare the color a CSS variable so you could...

The WordPress Specialists