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Five eCommerce Tools to Convert Site’s Visitors into Customers


For an online business owner, the real struggle starts when the online store is unable to generate the expected revenue. This happens when the large (and growing) number of visitors do not convert into paying customers. This is a cause of concern for store management because it points to serious and deeper issues within store operations. Successful online store owners optimize their eCommerce...

Is Your Online Business Ready for This Holiday Season?


It seems like Christmas bursts onto the scene earlier each year than the one before. Halloween is barely past when holiday decorations line the shelves of your local retail stores.  If you aren’t already thinking about Christmas for your online business, then you’re a little behind. This year, we have a shortened holiday shopping season due to Thanksgiving falling late in November...

From your Website to Their Doorstep – Why NextGEN is Just Perfect for Photographers


In the world of “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life,” many artists find themselves struggling. With so many talented individuals out there, it is rather tough to make it. Many artists are persistent, celebrating small victories, and giving the piling bills a bothered look now and then. Others grind nine-to-five and decide to keep doing what they love in their free...

How to Increase Visibility for Your eCommerce Store


Competition in the eCommerce realm is tougher than ever. Not only do you need to stand out with your products, but you also need to compete for online visibility. However, the good news is that you can use your time and effort to boost it, even if you’re not a marketing expert. Online Visibility is a Marathon, Not a Race When business owners open their first online store, they want to be...

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