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What Does It Take to Design the Ideal Ecommerce Databases for Flawless Operations


There are many jargon and buzzwords around databases, and when it comes to the crucial operations of e-commerce websites, databases become more relevant and complicated. A database is just a system that helps organize incoming data, store it, and retrieve it as and when needed. In the case of e-com applications, the data to be stored falls into two major categories as site content and...

You Have Only One Product & Easy Digital Downloads Seems Too Complicated? We Have an Alternative!


Nowadays it’s easy to find a plugin for WordPress that will change your regular site into an eCommerce one. With so much online shopping being done, and retailers closing physical stores left and right, it’s no surprise to find out more and more software developers are jumping on the webshop wagon. Many eCommerce plugins are too complicated, over-developed with various features, most of which...

The Benefits of M-commerce for Business


From messaging other people to setting alarms we are all dependent on notifications that pop up. So it comes at no surprise that the number of smartphone users is estimated to be 2.87 billion globally by the end of 2020. And considering the current situation, the chances of these numbers rising are high. What is M-Commerce?  Mobile commerce or M-Commerce is the act of transferring one’s business...

8 Reasons Why Your Online Business Should Emulate Amazon


While you shouldn’t try to compete with a mega-giant like Amazon, you can learn from the things that make them so successful. Their customer experience (CX) model is one of the best around. In the first quarter of 2020, Amazon hit about $75.45 billion in net sales. The retailer grows year after year, despite world events and negative impacts on the global economy. While you shouldn’t...

How to Boost Your Online Store with Google Shopping Insights


The world of online shopping has expanded dramatically over the years, and the income that you can make from a good online store is beyond imagination. It takes some courage, creativity, ingenuity, alongside a pinch of experience with strong knowledge of the products you’re about to sell, and if you mix those ingredients properly, you can make a profitable business that your competition will envy...

How to Decide Which Payment Gateway to Use to Sell Your Product


Choosing the right payment gateway to use to sell your product can be very challenging, especially if you have very little or no knowledge of how payment systems work. Some new merchants believe it’s not necessary to understand how a payment gateway works – provided the gateway has every necessary technology to act as a middleman between them and their customers. Many may have avoided the...

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