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Fresh Study Shows How Web Design Is Changing in New Conditions


Today absolutely everyone can imagine the scale of the damage caused by the coronavirus infection. The pandemic has left its mark on all spheres of life. However, like everything else, the current situation has two sides: good and bad. Among several areas that stand out against all odds and even show excellent performance in the shortest possible time, we should mention web design. Web design is...

Reshaping Your Web Design During COVID-19


The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic changed both our personal and career life for good. We’ve been compelled to fully transform our daily routines, our personal interactions, our working schedules, and meetings, even to put on hold services, sales campaigns, and monthly revenues. The vast transformation wave in the physical world would naturally get reflected into its digital parallel. Medical specialists...

5 Audacious Web Designs That Have Our Full Attention


A website makes your business look more professional. You can use it to pull in new leads, distribute information, and make an excellent first impression. People expect most companies, even local ones, to have a website. The average consumer expects to pull up information online, with around 97% turning to the internet to research local businesses. Unless they already know your company, you risk...

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