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4 Tips to Secure a Job in the Era of Artificial Intelligence


The world with the presence of AI has encouraged big changes to the way we search, live, and present ourselves. Even if we don’t directly use it, up to 97% of mobile phones have AI technology with the implementation of AI-voice assistants. Many features make AI useful in performing tasks and enhancing technologies. Automation is one of the top features of AI giving it the ability to automatically perform repetitive tasks and complete them in a quick time, which can pretty much be applied to any industry, AI can also be your 8-Ball (just kidding) and be used to make decisions and predict outcomes.

AI technology does this through the process of using datasets or specific information that it is given to predict a solid outcome or many outcomes, it is also used in this way for decision-making. It then processes that data, removing the irrelevant parts, and discards incorrect values. AI will select the most relevant data or specific information from the data and decide which is most useful for the task. When the training for the AI system is finished, the AI can finally be used to also predict or foresee outcomes without the need for existing data.

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The random number generator and its role in AI systems and industries

In this case, the AI systems used to predict and make decisions will incorporate useful features to aid in predictions and randomized decision-making, and to do this they may need a random number generator (RNG). The RNG will keep decisions unpredictable and completely isolated from one another. For this reason, AI is a big presence in online slot games because it ensures no duplicate outcomes in the same game.

RNGs in this context generate random numbers at the beginning of the game to help give the outcome of each spin of the reels. Within this mechanism, these random numbers will correspond to each slot symbol, and their worth in the game when combined, will equate to a numerical value calculated by the machine to determine a player’s payout.

In the context of online slot games, AI systems used for prediction and decision-making processes will use important elements to integrate the practice of fair gaming and randomization into their online platforms, an essential part that must be maintained in all online casinos. An example of Ignition online slot games may show how gambling platforms use advanced technology to provide an equal experience, in the meantime maintaining unique entertainment offers for slot fans based on fair gameplay.

The probability of fairness in online slots may appear greater due to AI and RNGs, but AI’s role beyond the industry of gaming can drastically change the fairness of decision-making in digital processes.

As the digital process of job searching is now all online, it’s no surprise that AI has drastically changed the way we job search as well. Recently a global study found that in 2024, over 40% of opportunities in employment had some exposure to AI, meaning AI is heavily used in the context of candidate selection and active job searching. As a job seeker,  this can make you feel overwhelmed and it does pose the question of whether job searching with these influences is fair. However, there are ways to get around the randomness of AI in modern job hunting by learning how to utilize the system.

1.   Tailor your resume to pass smoothly through the Applicant Tracking System AI

Any recruiter will tell you ways to edit your resume, but they won’t always tell you how! Sometimes when a particular job application receives many applicants, RNGs implemented in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) may randomly rank candidates with similar qualifications or similar experience for the role.

For applicants, this can leave them at a disadvantage, as the ATS system is used to quickly scan your resume for keywords and details to decide if you fit the requirements for a job role. This is done through language processing which helps the system to analyze data, pull out keywords, and decide if the resume is optimal for the recruiter and the role. The resume will be given a score based on these factors, so you should replicate some of the buzzwords in the job description.

Doing this will ensure your gets scanned and passes smoothly through ATS to an interested recruiter, which will lead to more potential interviews or job opportunities.

2.   Have a strong online profile that AI and hiring managers will approve of

LinkedIn and its 1 billion users are all competing to be seen in the search bar. Therefore, it’s important to know how to create a strong LinkedIn profile and use online tools.

Because AI algorithms use online data to find out things about you, recommend roles to you, and recommend your profile to recruiters, you must have a strong online presence to be seen. Again, randomness plays a part here, where RNGS can make an appearance in recommending random jobs to you based primarily on the data you put on your profile, which can be frustrating as an active job searcher.

To combat this, you should optimize your profile as much as possible to suit your industry. On your profile on LinkedIn with the premium version, there is now an option to “Write With AI” on your Headline. Using this feature to write a strong headline will help optimize your profiles for the right industries and jobs that ask you to apply with LinkedIn.

This will increase the chances of the AI algorithm putting your profile on the front page of someone actively looking to hire in your industry or to those in the industry that may be valuable to connect with.

3.   Conduct social media analysis on all your accounts

It’s straightforward to learn how to stand out in the job market especially when you have no prior experience, but what about learning to blend in? Gone are the days of casual spam posting on X and the silly selfies on Instagram. Employers often use these AI systems to make sure your professional profile aligns with your presence. During hiring processes, RNGs in AI systems can be used to randomly select you as a candidate to undergo further inspection, which could involve a digital background check.

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To prepare for this process, you may want to carry out social media and sentiment analysis on your accounts. Sentiment analysis is a linguistic technique used by employers and AI algorithms to analyze the tone or opinion in a piece of text whether that’s in a caption, tweet, or online post. Generally, this will have one of three outcomes: positive, negative, or neutral. Using similar software to analyze posts from your accounts will help you delete any posts with negative connotations, thus removing any chances of losing out on job opportunities due to a bad digital footprint.

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