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Used to write about games and gaming in general, but has since switched to testing and writing about web development software. Still plays a lot of games, just for the fun of it.

Five Best Customer Intelligence Tools to Gain Actionable Insights


Running a successful business requires a significant amount of data crunching. The number of things you need to take into consideration when making your decisions and devising your strategies simply can’t be done by “going with your gut”. One of the most important data you’ll need to gather and analyze is data regarding your customers – their basic information like age and gender, which helps you...

The Social Proxy Review


One of the crucial things considered when discussing anything online related is security. In the last couple of years, we’ve seen breaches and hacks on a corporate level, resulting in massive data links – and those we’d expect to be entirely secure, so what hope do the rest of us have. The concerns regarding data protection should be genuine. However, on a small scale, you can use...

accessiBe – The Only Service You Need to Avoid Legal Issues Related to Web Accessibility


One of the main pillars the internet is built on is neutrality. In the last couple of years, there’s been much debate over this issue with some trying to change it and others trying to maintain it. Web neutrality means that all content that’s published is of equal value (illegal content aside). This type of perfect chaos has created numerous communities of equal voices, but what about...

Best SaaS Tools for Employee Training and User Onboarding


Every business needs customers, that would be the whole point, wouldn’t it? Crucial as it is, there are many ways in order to gain and retain them, depending on your business, target audience, funds, etc. Customer or user onboarding is a term that encapsulates the whole process from them starting as potential customers to them becoming regulars. And just like everything nowadays, this process too...

You Have Only One Product & Easy Digital Downloads Seems Too Complicated? We Have an Alternative!


Nowadays it’s easy to find a plugin for WordPress that will change your regular site into an eCommerce one. With so much online shopping being done, and retailers closing physical stores left and right, it’s no surprise to find out more and more software developers are jumping on the webshop wagon. Many eCommerce plugins are too complicated, over-developed with various features, most of which...

How to Set Up Google My Business For Your Business


Running a business, regardless of its nature, is a taxing job. Luckily, some things are easier nowadays then they were some time ago. Before the advent of the Internet, you had to commission television, newspaper and radio ads, flyers, billboards, and much more to get to your customers. Now it’s enough to cover the web, and you’re good to go. Social media is always something where...

The WordPress Specialists