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Should You Improve Your Website or Use an Agency When on Budget


Given that many smaller companies are cutting back on capital expenditure and any plans for expansion too, thoughts of a redesign or upgrade of an existing website are often brought into question. Is it necessary to do so now? Should a solution be cobbled together in-house or is it worth using an agency to make changes to a website design? Let’s examine this now. Who Produced the Current Website...

How to Improve Audience Experience When They Visit Your Site


With brick-and-mortar stores gradually evolving into digital ones, your website serves as a way to welcome your customers and create an avenue where you can introduce your products. This is why it’s crucial to provide your audience with a good experience when they visit your website. In this case, though, everything is done digitally. To succeed in his endeavor, here are several tips on how to...

How to Host an Anniversary Sale on Your Website


Are you getting ready to mark a milestone celebration for your company? Hosting an anniversary sale is just one way to mark how long you’ve been in business and show your customers how much you appreciate them. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), about 45% of new businesses fail within five years, and 65% within 10 years. A mere 25% make it past the 15-year mark. If...

How to Test All the Features of Your WordPress Website


WordPress has been present for a considerable amount of time as a viable content management system. Its wide array of features and functionalities allow for the exceptional handling of the content. Many corporations and businesses have implemented WordPress in their: Website design Hosting Blog publishing, and other tasks. WordPress might be an impeccable CMS platform but in the end, it is a non...

Top 10 Color Tools for Web Designers


Choosing a color or website theme maybe doesn’t sound like the most important element when building a website, but it still matters and should be done properly. When doing this, you should choose your color palettes and themes carefully so it all looks great and fits with your brand. Remember, different colors affect your visitors differently so you should be cautious when choosing a color, and...

Website UX: 7 Common Reasons Good User Experience is Important to a Website


User experience can make or break your website. After all, your main goal is to keep users satisfied by providing them with features that can help them do their tasks conveniently. But what does it mean? How can you benefit from it? User experience (UX) is how users will feel on your website once they interact with your system. This includes your mobile apps, desktop software, website, or any...

The WordPress Specialists