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How to Translate Your WordPress Site


Running a global business has become more attainable for more people thanks to the internet and social media. Regardless of your industry, expanding your reach to foreign markets has never been easier. Now, the greatest barrier between you and potential customers, clients, and partners is language. To harness the potential that the web has given you, adapting web content is now a fundamental...

How WordPress Became a Global Powerhouse


In the early 2000s, blogging was blowing up the online world, and two bloggers were building something that would end up being a powerhouse in the online world. This powerhouse would grow well beyond supporting bloggers to supporting pretty much anything with an online presence. That something they were working on? WordPress. Today, WordPress is the web builder behind 42% of all websites...

My Honest Opinion on the YASR WordPress Plugin’s Support and Customization Features


In the world of WordPress, where enhancing user experience and interaction is paramount, the choice of a wp rating plugin can significantly influence the success of a website. Among the plethora of tools available, rating plugins play a crucial role in engaging users and gathering valuable feedback. One such plugin that has garnered attention in the WordPress community is YASR (Yet Another Stars...

Innovative Techniques for Online Advertising


Incorporating countdown widgets for websites is becoming an increasingly popular strategy for businesses aiming to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving digital landscape. These widgets create a sense of urgency and excitement, effectively grabbing the attention of customers and encouraging them to take action. They are particularly useful for time promotions like limited-time offers or...

Does Your Business Landing Page Build Trust?


Your company’s landing page has a short window of time to make a first impression. You must start the user through the sales funnel, impart information to help them decide, and build trust all in one shot. How can you ensure you gain the confidence of people who’ve never met you or done business with your brand before? According to Edelman’s most recent Trust Barometer report...

Why Company Websites Should Highlight Their Past Work


Do you use your website as an opportunity to show off your best triumphs? Customers need to know you’ve had successes in the past and can overcome challenges and take on big projects. According to Internet Live Stats, there are 1.89 billion websites on the world wide web. The number changes by millisecond as sites come and go. Once your users stumble on your presence, you have to grab their...

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