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How to Plan a New Website From Scratch


Not planning a website could lead to features ending up wrong and missing. So, are you thinking of creating a new website but have no idea where to start? If you are using a website designer or building your own website via a website builder, this guide helps you plan the websites efficiently. Create an ideal user/client persona Starting to plan a website with the user in mind is an important...

5 Audacious Web Designs That Have Our Full Attention


A website makes your business look more professional. You can use it to pull in new leads, distribute information, and make an excellent first impression. People expect most companies, even local ones, to have a website. The average consumer expects to pull up information online, with around 97% turning to the internet to research local businesses. Unless they already know your company, you risk...

How to Showcase Your Latest Deals on Your Site


One of the most effective ways to bring in additional business is offering discounts to new or repeat customers. Whether Black Friday is approaching or you’re going through a seasonal slump, people often expect deals during certain seasons. Use specials to your advantage to close sales when they’re most needed. According to Statista, around 88% of consumers use coupons while shopping. More than...

Should You Improve Your Website or Use an Agency When on Budget


Given that many smaller companies are cutting back on capital expenditure and any plans for expansion too, thoughts of a redesign or upgrade of an existing website are often brought into question. Is it necessary to do so now? Should a solution be cobbled together in-house or is it worth using an agency to make changes to a website design? Let’s examine this now. Who Produced the Current Website...

How to Improve Audience Experience When They Visit Your Site


With brick-and-mortar stores gradually evolving into digital ones, your website serves as a way to welcome your customers and create an avenue where you can introduce your products. This is why it’s crucial to provide your audience with a good experience when they visit your website. In this case, though, everything is done digitally, and proper reputation management software is a must-have. To...

How to Host an Anniversary Sale on Your Website


Are you getting ready to mark a milestone celebration for your company? Hosting an anniversary sale is just one way to mark how long you’ve been in business and show your customers how much you appreciate them. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), about 45% of new businesses fail within five years, and 65% within 10 years. A mere 25% make it past the 15-year mark. If...

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