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How to Show Top Authors in WordPress


Every WordPress site is unapologetically run by authors, but who really are authors? An author is a predetermined user role assigned to someone in order to have them write, edit, publish, and delete files and articles. They can also edit their own profiles, but in a nutshell, they are the ones given the role of writer/author. Depending on the type, many WordPress websites will have an author page...

How to Test All the Features of Your WordPress Website


WordPress has been present for a considerable amount of time as a viable content management system. Its wide array of features and functionalities allow for the exceptional handling of the content. Many corporations and businesses have implemented WordPress in their: Website design Hosting Blog publishing, and other tasks. WordPress might be an impeccable CMS platform but in the end, it is a non...

How to Add an Author Box in WordPress


If you don’t already have an author box on your WordPress blog, you could be losing a lot in terms of credibility and user confidence. And not just that, but also transparency, subject authority, and other factors that drive user base growth on every blog. Since there are many efficient and easy-to-follow tutorials on how to an add author box in WordPress, there is really no reason to land...

Best WordPress Plugins for Keeping a Maintained Site


Keeping your site maintained can be a tricky task, but only if you do not have the right set of tools. Whether you already have a finished site, or you are in the process of creating one, it is good to know which tools you need and what gets the job done. More than 55,000 WordPress plugins are available for general use. Now I know what you are thinking. Yes, it is nearly impossible to try all of...

Website Checklist – What to Prepare Before You Start Building Your WordPress Site


Like any project building a website isn’t an easy task. Luckily today, when you use a tool like WordPress, you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects of building a website too much, your only worry is how to display your content to your targeted audience in the best and the most efficient way. If you’re just starting to plan the development process and the website...

Top 5 Landing Page Builders for WordPress


Website owners put a lot of money and effort in order for their site to be THE site people land on after typing in a certain keyword or researching specific topics. This requires a great site, great SEO optimization, and a great landing page. A good landing page is usually very simple, consisting of a very small amount of text and a few CTAs. Since its main purpose is for the visitor to take some...

The WordPress Specialists