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How to Place External Link Icons in WordPress


Having nice-looking pages on your website depends on many factors. Something that designers often don’t pay enough attention to is the style of the links. Besides the colors, more factors will help you to separate the look of internal and external links on your website. A common thing you can see nowadays is an icon placed next to the external link. If you want the same on your WordPress website...

WP Links – Take control over links on your WordPress site


Do you know one of the biggest problems of everyone having a WordPress site? That is the number of links they have on their webpage. Some websites have hundreds or even more links, and with time and by adding new ones, it becomes hard to track and manage all of them. That is where the plugin for link management comes in. In this article, we will review one of the best plugins for link management...

WP Maintenance


Plugins give developers the ability to modify the features and functionality of a website in any way they see fit. The majority of plugins have settings that users can toggle on and off, and their appearance may be modified in terms of fonts, colors, and sizes so that it is consistent with the rest of the website. When your website is undergoing maintenance, maintenance mode plugins enable you to...

How to Create a Custom WordPress Theme From Scratch


There are a few essential steps to create a custom WordPress theme from scratch. While plenty of pre-built themes is available, it is often difficult to find one with the exact look, feel, and functionality needed for your new website. That’s why many developers have decided to build their themes instead. This gives you more control over your navigation, user interfaces, and testing...

8 New High-Tech Job Opportunities For WordPress Developers


There are many excellent, high-tech job opportunities for WordPress developers. WordPress web engineers are constantly searching for new careers that maximize their earning potential, showcase their innovation, and challenge themselves with a constant learning curve. Thankfully, the technology industry is ripe with opportunities for developers at any stage in the game. As a current WordPress...

6 Best Firefox Extensions for WordPress Productivity: Increase Your Work Productivity With Ease


If you are someone who has been dealing with WordPress websites (whether in the form of developing them or running one), you know what it is like to deal with this CMS daily. It can take up a lot of your exceedingly valuable time. That’s simply a no-go. You can find a better use for your time, perhaps by keeping up with the ever-changing trends in the virtual world. However, there is a...

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