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AuthorLorena Gasparic

How to Charge WooCommerce Shipping by Item: Use Proper Plugins That Can Assist You Daily


If you are the owner of an online store, you probably want to make sure that everything runs smoothly – from making orders until their delivery. A crucial and unavoidable part of this process is shipping. There are numerous patterns and methods for configuring your shipping methods, but many of them are not available or supported by the basic WooCommerce system. As a result, you can easily...

6 Ways To Improve Your Instagram Discoverability Today: Make Your Profile More Professional and Efficient


Social networks have an enormous impact on our everyday lives and have helped many go from rags to riches. When you consider how much time you may be spending on social media, you can easily conclude that posting and following other pages of interest has become an ingrained habit. This modern age certainly seeks a modern approach to the customers. Social media can help you run your business more...

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