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Web Tools & Services That Will Help Your Online Business


Do you have an online business? Then you know the importance of powerful web tools and services. These solutions help us earn more money, get back our free time, and be more productive.

In this article, you can learn about 40+ web #tools and #services that will help your online #business.

I included very different solutions – WordPress maintenance services, WordPress themes and plugins, website and landing page builders, SEO and web development agencies, font identifier software (free to use), and more.

No matter what you are looking for, you will find it here.

1. HUNTER Digital

Illustration of digital marketing

Often, the biggest difference between top online businesses and the average ones is the marketing partner they have. A results-driven digital marketing agency can do wonders for your business.

The agency will constantly fuel your company with customers, helping your business exceed targets and grow each month.

If you are looking for a super marketing partner for your business, find out more about HUNTER Digital.

HUNTER Digital works with both small and large corporations, they have over 10 years of experience, and their focus is on driving business success.

Get in touch with HUNTER Digital for more info.

2. actiTIME


Two very common issues students and teachers have to deal with are excessive stress and work-life imbalance thanks to workloads and high-performance demands.

Yes, hard work always pays off, but you shouldn’t exhaust yourself to get remarkable results in academic or professional life. To achieve the desired objectives and goals quicker, you simply need to plan and organize tasks, track performance, and evaluate results.

Lucky for you, there are digital tools that will help you with that, and actiTIME is one of the best.

actiTIME is a time tracking app with three core features that a teacher or a student may need to arrange their work and study processes optimally:

  • Scope management for creating projects and tasks;
  • A Kanban board for monitoring real-time progress;
  • Time tracking for keeping a detailed record of hours spent on tasks and assignments;
  • Comprehensive performance reports for a detailed review and analysis of time use trends.

All in all, actiTIME allows users to track progress and assess either personal or team productivity. This way, it gives a deeper insight into how efficiently you manage time and allows for more educated decision-making when it comes to productivity and work-life balance improvement.

On top of that, actiTIME is highly affordable. If you’re a single user or a small team of two or three, you can use many of the benefits that the tool offers forever for free. Get a free actiTIME trial and take your productivity to the next level.

3. WhatFontIs


You know that it is super simple, quick, and free to identify all the fonts you like?

With WhatFontIs, the best font identifier software in the world, you can identify fonts from pictures and from websites in a matter of seconds.

Take a picture of the font you like, upload it to the WhatFontIs website, and with just a few clicks, you will find out the name of the font, its price (maybe it is free), where to get it from, and over 60 free and paid font alternatives.

WhatFontIs is 100% free to use, and you don’t need to register to use it.

Identify fonts like the pros, for free, with WhatFontIs.

4. Software Development Company – Startechup


Companies that grow quickly know very well how important it is to work with a professional and experienced software development company. Without it, this growth would be impossible.

Startechup will help you with web development, with mobile application development, with UI/UX designs, with proper due diligence, and even with support and maintenance.

It is very simple to work with Startechup; this team has the experience, and they adapt to every customer.

Partner with Startechup for your next projects.

5. Taskade — Collaborative To-do List for Remote Teams

Taskade is the most advanced collaboration tool in the world, used by companies like Netflix, Sony, Activision, TransferWise, and other big names. Each day hundreds of remote teams from different parts of the world start using Taskade, and they are amazed at how useful this app is.

The remote teams love this free productivity app for web, mobile, and desktop because it is easy to customize for each project; it is free, quick, and intuitive.

Start with the free forever plan and upgrade if you need; the premium plan is only $5 per month.

6. FireCheckout


You did everything you could to get the best out of your Magento store? What about the checkout process? You are using the standard 6-step Magento checkout? If yes, you should quickly change it to the 1-step.

Everybody loves a quick and secure checkout, and this is what the FireCheckout module will create for your Magento store. The time spent on checkout will be much shorter, which translates into more conversions and happier customers.

Check the demo page and features page to get a better understanding.

It has 4 unique designs and 9 extensions.

See how it works.

7. Goodie


Goodie is a professional web development agency that has a team of experts with huge experience in WordPress development, Shopify and WooCommerce development, and more.

Let them handle your project; they always go the extra mile for their customers, providing outstanding work.

8. Mobirise Website Builder


Mobirise is a powerful and complete offline website builder that you can use with 0 experience and 0 skills to create websites that look great on any device.

Select one of the 4,000+ awesome website templates and start customizing it to fit your business. The process is straightforward, simple, and quick.

Find out more about Mobirise.

9. Web Design Austin

Phoenix Web Design

Recognized as a top web design Austin agency, UPQODE delivers high-quality, customer-centric web designs that always succeed. Their unique design process guarantees success for their clients across all digital aspects.

Regardless if you have a large enterprise or a small business, UPQODE is dedicated to finding the best web solutions for every client. Their aim is to create strategic and stunning websites that allow for a great user experience.

10. Total WordPress Theme

Total WordPress Theme

Total is a stunning WordPress theme that has everything you need:

  • 40+ beautiful website templates
  • 80+ builder modules
  • 500+ styling options
  • 3 premium plugins – Visual Page Builder, Templatera, Slider Revolution
  • It is heavily optimized for SEO and speed

Have a live preview; you will love the Total WordPress theme.

11. Soft UI Design System

Soft UI Design System

You are looking for the very best free UI kit? Stop looking; here it is.

Its name is Soft UI Design System, and it was built by the famous premium developer – Creative Tim.

Even their free products look and feel awesome, have a Live Preview!

12. Email Marketing


To boost conversions by up to 400% and exponentially grow your email list, Mailmunch has to be your first choice.

This is a professional, all-in-one email marketing platform that is used by the leading marketers, agencies, and business owners in the world.

It is loaded with thousands of royalty-free photos, has a smart interface, and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder.

Take a peek as soon as possible.

13. Free Email Templates


Unlayer is the simplest to use and most efficient email design drag-and-drop builder on the market.

It is lightning fast, its interface is intuitive, and it comes loaded with a massive library of 600+ no-code email templates.

See how it works.

14. 8b Website Builder

8b Website Builder

You can create beautiful websites even with 0 experience and 0 design skills. Seems impossible? It isn’t if you use the right website builder.

Its name is 8b. It is a futuristic website builder that is loaded with 250+ awesome templates, a minimalist interface, and a powerful editor that will help you customize each part of your stunning website.

Give it a try.

15. Hire Jordan Smith

Hire Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith is an expert that will help you with stunning web designs, web development, and smart SEO strategies.

He has tons of experience in these niches, and he is a wonderful person to work with. His customers are always delighted with the way Jordan works and the exceptional results he provides.

Get your free quote from Jordan Smith.

16. Paper Packaging Carry Bag Mockups

Paper Packaging Carry Bag Mockups

Now you can create a stunning presentation with these food and grocery packaging paper carry bag mockups. The pack includes 5 different scenes of the mockup.

17. Antideo Email Validation Plugin

Antideo Email Validation Plugin

The Antideo Email Validator plugin allows you to validate the email addresses submitted through your contact forms before the actual inquiry is accepted. These validation checks empower you with a lot of flexibility to choose parameters for allowing different types of email addresses.

You can choose not to accept free email addresses, role-based or generic email addresses, etc. In addition to that, the plugin will block disposable email addresses as well.

18. Heroic Inbox

Heroic Inbox

With Heroic Inbox, you will manage emails directly in your WordPress website admin panel. You can even manage multiple inboxes, all in one place – customer service, support partnerships, etc.

Learn how it works; you will stop using 3rd-party platforms. Fewer platforms mean more saved money.

19. SEO training programs

Laptop showing SEO training course

This website compares extremely well the best SEO courses in the world, putting at your disposal complete information:

  • Online SEO program prices
  • What is included
  • For who it is great
  • Much more

If you want to learn SEO, you should start from here.

20. Web Design Auckland

Web Design Auckland

If you want a stunning website, exactly as you saw from the biggest companies in the world, you should work with Web Design Auckland.

They have huge experience in working with global customers of all sizes.

Get your free consultation today.

21. KMS Website Design & Internet Marketing

KMS Website Design & Internet Marketing

KMS Website Design & Internet Marketing is a professional agency heavily specialized in website design and development, SEO, website hosting, maintenance, and much more.

They always go the extra mile, providing you with tips, expert advice, and information, adding true value to your projects.

Here you will find a one-stop place for small and medium businesses from all over the world. You don’t need several providers; you only need KMS Website Design & Internet Marketing.

22. Fotor


You want to create super engaging pictures for your website, social media channels, and ads? It is possible and very simple with Fotor, one of the most popular graphic design software solutions on the market.

With Fotor, you can create newsletter that will look stunning.

Give it a try.

23. uKit


Looking for a powerful website builder to take your business online? uKit is a go-to solution! Apart from using a large tool and feature set as well as a rich template library, you can set up SEO, get an SSL certificate and free hosting, connect a custom domain, integrate the site with other services, and more.

You don’t even need to have programming skills. Check it out yourself, and the results won’t disappoint you.

24. Content Snare – Document collection

Content Snare

Content Snare is a smart, stress-free way to gather content and documents. The platform will create a one-stop place where customers will get a checklist and the ability to upload documents.

Content Snare will automatically send reminders and make sure that your customers are uploading all the needed documents.

See how it works in a 14-day free trial; no credit card required.

25. uCoz


Need a site? Build one with uCoz. The platform gives you an opportunity to build a professional-looking website even if you have no programming skills and without coding. But, unlike most other website builders, uCoz offers you full code access, too – so you can add ads, 3rd-party scripts, external chats, and much more – all the components necessary for a big website in a few clicks.

26. WP AOS


WP AOS will take complete care of your WordPress website:

  • Updates
  • Security
  • Premium support
  • Uptime monitoring
  • SEO monitoring
  • Urgency service
  • Much more

Get back your free time and let WP AOS experts in WordPress manage and maintain your website.

27. SiteBuilders.Pro


SiteBuilders.Pro deals with website creation, customization, promotion, and maintenance. Apart from that, the service provides professional assistance when it comes to moving websites between popular website builders and CMS.

Their niche expertise helps them complete all the tasks in the best way possible, offering quality graphic/text transfer, web store data import, manual project design replication, SEO, and copywriting services. This spectrum of options eventually guarantees an effective outcome.


When it comes to choosing the best web design platform, users frequently face problems. This is where will surely come in handy to you.

The blog includes multiple reviews and comparisons of popular website builders, CMS, and hosting providers. They are informative and unbiased to provide readers with true and reliable facts only. The resource is regularly updated with new posts to keep users aware of recent innovations and niche-related news.

29. Ideaz – Business Tips for Creatives & Small Businesses

Ideaz Inc.

You are a photographer, artist, designer, or small business owner, and you are looking for expert advice, tips, tutorials, reviews, and tests for your niche?

Take a look at Ideaz Inc; they have everything you need.

30. stepFORM


stepFORM is a great form builder that covers a lot of industries due to its rich functionality. You can accept instant payments, improve behavioral metrics, and increase your search engine rankings.

It’s optimized for all devices and looks beautiful on all of them! Plus, no programming or design skills are required. To try out all the stepFORM features, sign up today. It’s free!

31. Return On Now

Return On Now

If you want to supercharge your website with a smart SEO strategy that will heavily increase your traffic and use pay-per-click advertising at its best, you should work with Return On Now.

This agency is popular for delivering outstanding results for its customers.

Ask for a free consultation.

32. WordPressToWix.PRO


WordPressToWix.PRO is the ultimate solution to use when you face the need to switch from WordPress to Wix. This is a full-cycle service, which will complete all the steps of the migration process with attention to detail and a special approach to client requirements and needs.

No matter what niche you focus on and how complex your project is, the team of experts will take care of all the nuances. The transfer process implies exact design replication, content and domain name/hosting migration, preservation of SEO positions, etc. As a result, you will get an exact version of your WordPress website moved to Wix website builder.

33. Opinion Stage Polls, Quizzes & Surveys

Opinion Stage

With Opinion Stage, you will create stunning and engaging quizzes, surveys, and polls in a matter of seconds.

The app is loaded with cool templates and elements, and the drag-and-drop editor is very simple to use and intuitive.

Give Opinion Stage a try; you will love it.

34. CodeLobster


CodeLobster IDE is an amazing free cross-platform IDE. People use it for editing PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and TypeScript files with special support for Drupal, Joomla, JQuery, Bootstrap, Angular, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Laravel, Magento, Symfony, Twig, Yii, and WordPress.

35. RumbleTalk


RumbleTalk is a smart tool that adds all kinds of chats to your website.

For up to 5 participants, RumbleTalk offers a free forever plan, which is extremely comprehensive (unlimited messages, unlimited 1-to-1 meetings, online support, custom chat design, and much more).

Supercharge your website with RumbleTalk.

36. Helion | Personal Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme + Store

Helion | Personal Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme + Store

If you want to make the best first impression on every website visitor, then you should use this creative WordPress theme. The Helion theme is made for stylish and attractive photography representation; it features customizable galleries, gorgeous niche homepage designs, advanced blog settings, flexible color scheme, stylish typography.

This theme is fully customizable due to drag-and-drop page builder support. The Helion theme includes dozens of ready-made elements that you can use with a content composer for the fastest achievement of the desired website look. The theme is ready for translation, so you can boost the popularity of your project.

With the Helion theme, you will create a stunning photography site that stands out.

37. Cloe Brooks | Psychology, Counseling & Medical WordPress Theme + RTL

Cloe Brooks | Psychology, Counseling & Medical WordPress Theme + RTL

The Cloe Brooks theme can help therapists and health coaches to create modern websites or refresh existing designs with its up-to-date ready-made pages. This theme is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin that makes it an effective option when selling products/services online.

The Cloe Brooks theme features several custom designs for psychology and counseling websites which you can use as a basis for new unique designs. This theme is bundled with the WPBakery Page Builder and features lots of ready-to-use content modules for the users’ best convenience.

The theme has an online appointments booking and management option, online forms, pricing tables, and other useful elements.

38. AlphaColor | Type Design & Printing Services WordPress Theme + Elementor

AlphaColor | Type Design & Printing Services WordPress Theme + Elementor

The AlphaColor theme includes multiple ready-made homepage designs that suit printing services’ online representation. It is a trendy, mobile-ready WordPress solution for professionals and beginners.

Apart from ready-made demos, the AlphaColor theme includes inner pages that help to share business details professionally. All the pages have a flexible design and feature a drag-and-drop interface, so no coding experience is required.

The theme comes with clean, valid, optimized-for-SEO HTML5 and CSS3 code that helps to achieve the best positioning on Google.

The AlphaColor theme is integrated with all popular social media platforms that will help users to launch an interactive modern website.

39. XSTORE – The Most Complete & Customizable WooCommerce Theme

XSTORE – The Most Complete & Customizable WooCommerce Theme

Looking for a complete WooCommerce theme? XSTORE has a stunning library of 100+ gorgeous shop designs that will probably have you covered no matter what niche you are in.

See how it looks and feels; you will be impressed.

40. Acodez


Acowebs created some very useful plugins for WooCommerce, helping customers do better in terms of conversions.

These plugins will help you no matter what niche you are in.

Find out more about Acowebs plugins for WooCommerce.

41. Ramotion


Ramotion is a professional agency that works with Fortune 500 companies and startups on brand identity, website design, and UI/UX design.

The team is made up of experts with huge experience; this is how they deliver outstanding quality.

Get a free quote.

42. IP Geolocation API

Abstract IP Geolocation API

With over 1 million users and developers from all over the world, Abstract is a popular provider of API keys of all kinds:

  • IP Geolocation
  • Web scrapping
  • Public holidays
  • User avatar
  • Image processing
  • And much more

Get your free API key right now from Abstract.


I am very curious; which web tools and services will you start using from now on? Maybe WPCustomify will be your first choice? They will fix and maintain your WooCommerce store in super shape.

Please help us spread the word about this article; for sure, your friends will find it useful.

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