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Vallery Henings is a copywriter and content writer who specializes in ghost blogging, email marketing campaigns, and sales pages. She is also a lover of road trips, peanut butter cookies, and a dog name Mimy.

The Best 25 Sites to Buy YouTube Views and Likes


Buying youtube views and likes are the first steps to optimizing your channel. In addition to buying services, you also need to remember to make regular and quality content and seek the help of specialists who can choose the right marketing strategy. So, let’s start with a sequential review of sites where you can find all the tools you need to work with YouTube! You can start your promotion...

The “Too Long; Didn’t Read” Version of Instagram Marketing


When Instagram was introduced to the world in 2010, it was very much like any other social media network. It was mostly filled with posts of people’s pets, selfies, and pictures of their food. Over the years, however, the platform has evolved from a basic photo-sharing application to a marketing channel. With more than 2 billion monthly active users, the platform has become a treasure trove...

5 Powerful No-Code Tools to Help You Grow Your Business


Nowadays, programming is one of the most popular skills you can have. But, if you are not good at it (or do not know anything about it) and still want to grow your business, don’t worry because there are tools that don’t require any coding experience. No-code tools do not mean that there is no coding, but they don’t depend on their users’ programming knowledge. Instead...

How to Create a Custom WordPress Theme From Scratch


There are a few essential steps to create a custom WordPress theme from scratch. While plenty of pre-built themes is available, it is often difficult to find one with the exact look, feel, and functionality needed for your new website. That’s why many developers have decided to build their themes instead. This gives you more control over your navigation, user interfaces, and testing...

WP Force SSL: Fix All SSL Difficulties Within Seconds


For years, a solid SSL certificate and a correctly configured website have been important SEO ranking considerations for any website. It’s more challenging to get things set up correctly if you have done anything infrastructurally significant to your website. However, this can include moving your site to a new hosting provider, converting to HTTPS, or even changing your domain. Thankfully...

Implementing DevSecOps in Your WordPress Development


DevOps is the future, and things are continuously evolving. DevOps is not just limited to specific software building tools or a minimal scope of software development. This whole option brings things to a whole new level. WordPress powers 35 to 40 percent of content management systems on the internet and is most widely adopted. Many of the developers are prefer to build their web projects using...

The WordPress Specialists