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Vallery Henings is a copywriter and content writer who specializes in ghost blogging, email marketing campaigns, and sales pages. She is also a lover of road trips, peanut butter cookies, and a dog name Mimy.

5 Significant Differences Between Laravel And Ruby On Rails


A web framework is a tool that facilitates the process of writing and running a web application. Thanks to it, there is no need to write a lot of lines of code and spend time looking for potential errors. From the very beginning, all the lines of future applications were written manually, and only the application developer could modify or deploy it, but web frameworks allowed to change this...

Website UX: 7 Common Reasons Good User Experience is Important to a Website


User experience can make or break your website. After all, your main goal is to keep users satisfied by providing them with features that can help them do their tasks conveniently. But what does it mean? How can you benefit from it? User experience (UX) is how users will feel on your website once they interact with your system. This includes your mobile apps, desktop software, website, or any...

Estimating Data and Bandwidth Needs for Small Business Websites


The Internet has experienced explosive growth with almost 3.8 billion users as of March 2017. There are over a billion websites already on the web with more being added every minute. Where does your business website fit into this scenario, and how can you make sure your site is running effectively? The answer is in the meaning and measurement of two concepts: Data and Bandwidth and which hosting...

How Hosting Affects Website Promotion


The server allows to store information and provide uninterrupted access to it for other users. To place a site on the server, you need to contact the company that owns the appropriate facilities. Service to ensure round-the-clock rotation of the site on the Internet is hosting. In any case, the result depends on the quality of the service. And in this situation, the characteristics and...

How Much Traffic is Your Website Getting: 4 Useful Tools


Your website is the platform you use to connect with your clientele. Whether you operate an active blog or have an online-based eCommerce webpage, you need to continually drive traffic in order to reach your revenue goals. Knowing how you can track traffic statistics is key to both maintaining and creating an active website. Web Analysis If you are using a Loggly java log analysis tool, this...

Real User Monitoring for the Average Website Owner


Monitoring your website can be downright difficult if you’re doing everything manually. Fortunately, there are a variety of tools available to make the job easier for you. By understanding how Joomla monitoring – Pingdom works and what to expect out of it, you can be prepared for what to expect. Track Downtime and Load Issues Downtime happens for a variety of reasons, including...

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