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Vallery Henings is a copywriter and content writer who specializes in ghost blogging, email marketing campaigns, and sales pages. She is also a lover of road trips, peanut butter cookies, and a dog name Mimy.

Should You Improve Your Website or Use an Agency When on Budget


Given that many smaller companies are cutting back on capital expenditure and any plans for expansion too, thoughts of a redesign or upgrade of an existing website are often brought into question. Is it necessary to do so now? Should a solution be cobbled together in-house or is it worth using an agency to make changes to a website design? Let’s examine this now. Who Produced the Current Website...

Top Apps to Run Social Media Giveaways and Treat Your Followers to a Nice Surprise


Giveaways are very useful when you want to attract people to your social media accounts, and they represent a good approach when you want to promote your work/product. These promotional tools are widely used today by people in all industries, from freelancers to marketers. Nowadays when people do giveaways, third parties are often involved. They are mostly social media influencers, using their...

How to Create a Viral Giveaway on Your Site and Thus Help It Attract More Visitors


Are you looking for new ways to increase your business’s profit? Do you need a new solution for expanding your email list? You’re on the right track since a viral giveaway can help you accomplish exactly that. What are viral giveaways A viral giveaway is nothing but a competition that people enter to win a prize. Naturally, there is only one randomly selected winner. However, some decide to award...

Top ShareFile Alternatives That Will Deliver Your Files Quickly and Securely


For every business in the 21st century being safe in the online world has always been a matter of great importance. When you do file transfers containing confidential information or even a simple correspondence with your clients and business partners, security should be your number one priority. Probably the most famous of them is ShareFile since it provides assurance, reliability, and security...

Finding Someone to Make Your New WordPress Website? Here’s How You Can Screen the Candidates


If you’ve decided to get your own WordPress website, you’ve made the right choice. Whether you’re an individual eager to advertise yourself or you’re running a small company you need a website where people can reach you and WordPress is by far the most popular platform. Chances are you’re not a coder and you don’t know much about design, in which case it’s best to hire someone who knows about...

The WordPress Specialists