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How Spotify Promotion Isn’t Dead Yet?


Wow, the last year for music lovers was genuinely fantastic. The amount of new tracks is outstanding. Almost every musician we know has dropped a few tracks, and some were massive hits.
Have you heard “Butter” by BTS? Or the latest by Lordi, or by Adele? That’s what I am talking about – the perfect year for any music lover.

Do you know about #Spotify #promotions? Read on and #learn about everything about it.

However, for musicians who are just getting started on the road to success, this year was just as difficult as any other. It became even harder to gain popularity without the promotion, especially on Spotify.

So, what do you think of Spotify promotion? Have you tried it? Or you are a newbie, and you require guidance through the dark woods of music promotion? Fear no more, I am here!

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If you are unfamiliar with the promotion procedure, let me explain. Imagine a track you want to make popular and possibly even viral. What should you do? Just release it? No, that is the wrong approach.

You need to get some stuff going before you release the track. It will be helpful to start social media promotion campaign, and only after it you should release the music. However, not everyone has an audience on social media or can promote music on it.

Spotify has a huge audience, the largest in the world. Also, this music streaming service provides huge royalties and many ways to become famous. There are many ways to show your popularity – on various top charts, top tier lists, etc. In this case, the Spotify promotion is the best option for a beginner.

Promoting Your Music From Beginning

The start and the beginning of your career is crucial. Yes, starting with Spotify promotion may sound like a fraud or a wrong decision, but let me assure you, every new musician that begins without the promotion has higher chances of losing this battle for popularity than the musician with the promotion.

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So if you want your music to become trendy, don’t forget to promote it! And I am not joking here – you may not survive an entire year without the promotion.

But before you do, ask yourself – how far are you ready to go to become famous? Do you want a small boost or a significant boost?

Do you want to jump straight to fame, or do you want just a small push to your back to get things going?

No matter what you decide, the result will be the same with the promotion – perfect start. So, the last food for thought for you – do you know every musician you find on music portals in top-tier lists? I hardly know 20 out of 100, and I am a huge music nerd.

Why are they there? Because of the promotion at first, and only because of the music at second. Don’t forget this simple fact. So, now you know the truth. Go, and become popular!

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