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Proven Ways To Increase User Engagement In-App For SaaS: Strengthen Customer Relationships


The SaaS market is quickly expanding, with a projected value of about $165 billion by 2022. As time goes on, the market becomes more competitive and there a lot of amazing software-as-a-service company players out there. Techniques and procedures that worked two years ago do not appear to work today.

Regardless of how unique your SaaS product is, there will be many competitors who offer similar functionality. So, how can you get new consumers and keep them for a long time? What is the secret to running a profitable SaaS company? User engagement is the answer.

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What Does SaaS User Engagement Imply?

Before we go into techniques for growing it, let’s define what engagement truly means from a product perspective and why it’s such a crucial statistic for your SaaS company.

Simply put, the engagement rate is the percentage of customers who continue to use your product after a certain period of time. Tracking how many people are engaged with your product is an excellent indicator of its overall health, and any changes in this metric can be indicators of future problems.

The fundamental issue with tracking product engagement is that different products’ definitions of constitutes as an “active” product vary greatly. Because engagement evolves throughout a user’s journey, a sincere attempt to improve it necessitates increasing regular product usage at every stop.

A strong focus on communication and user interaction can help you combat churn among your existing client base by informing them about product changes and identifying issues before they become major issues.

How To Increase User Engagement In-App for SaaS

1. Make the Best First Impression You Can

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If you want to increase your trial-to-paid conversions, you need to optimize your onboarding experience. Users are way more likely to abandon your brand sooner if they experience your onboarding process negatively.

During the onboarding phase, your users will be the most motivated. As a result, it’s critical to seize this opportunity to persuade them to buy your product. It will be easy to enhance user engagement throughout their journey once you drive people to take consistent activities and engage with your products.

2. New Features Should Be Shared

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The software industry has dramatically changed by shifting from software licenses to software-as-a-service. Instead of selling upgrades to customers, software-as-a-service providers charge a monthly fee covering all updates. Customers are relieved of the burden of complex renovations, and businesses receive consistent revenue.

Customers have distinct expectations regarding subscriptions because they are continually paying for access. While a software license does not require continuing marketing because the consumer has already paid, software-as-a-service organizations must constantly justify the value of a subscription to customers over time to minimize attrition.

Here’s how to keep users using this technique:

  • Establish a list of your objectives and make a strategy for achieving them. Who are you aiming for with this announcement, and what are your objectives?
  • To enhance engagement, try to customize feature release updates.
  • Make sure your users are aware of the new feature’s advantages. Do so by assuring the copy is interesting and fun to read.
  • Complement your new feature release with eye-catching graphics and visuals.

3. Incentivize Feedback by Asking for It

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Any software-as-a-service company relies heavily on customer feedback. It may be a crucial factor in keeping up. Customers will feel like they have a say in the platform’s future development if you ask for feedback, and you’ll know you’re developing features that customers genuinely want rather than what you assume they want.

Feature voting is one of the most popular methods for gathering consumer feedback. Using an open Trello board or a platform similar to it, customers can vote on ideas they’d like to see implemented in your product.

These initiatives encourage clients to use the product more frequently, resulting in additional data to help you make better decisions. If a customer has recently canceled, you might offer them a reward in exchange for their candid comments.

For example, they may get a free month of subscription in exchange for filling out a survey about why they quit.

4. Incentivize and Gamify Product Experiences

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Gamification is another tried-and-true approach to boost user engagement with your product. Everyone enjoys games, so if you’ve suddenly noticed a dip in user interest, this method is a must-try.

There are various methods for incorporating gamification into your product. You can use games like spin-the-wheel, scratch-the-card, quizzes, and other similar activities.

You might also consider providing incentives and awards to motivate your users to use your product regularly. Make the prizes simple to obtain so that more consumers will engage with your product.

5. Eliminate Features That Users Aren’t Interested in

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Knowing what users aren’t interested in is sometimes just as important as knowing what they are interested in. Too many features that don’t provide value create product debt, which can cause your main product to suffer and lead people to assume you’ve lost focus on the key features they signed up for in the first place.

Removing features is a difficult decision, especially when you’ve invested a lot of time and effort in their creation. However, suppose your analytics data shows that clients aren’t taking advantage of that snazzy new feature you launched last year.

In that case, you have two options: You can try and figure out why the feature fell out of favor and then dedicate additional efforts to improve the underutilized feature. Or you can make the more difficult – but often more profitable decision – of cutting right then and there.

Final Thoughts

The only way a company can truly establish itself as a giant in the business is by improving customer communication.

SaaS companies can be challenging to maintain.

Learn what users desire, make the experience more fun, and ensure that the product you’re offering has enough value for its users.

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