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Proven Ways To Increase User Engagement In-App For SaaS: Strengthen Customer Relationships


The SaaS market is quickly expanding, with a projected value of about $165 billion by 2022. As time goes on, the market becomes more competitive and there a lot of amazing software-as-a-service company players out there. Techniques and procedures that worked two years ago do not appear to work today. Regardless of how unique your SaaS product is, there will be many competitors who offer similar...

Top 12+ SaaS Applications to Help Businesses Grow: See Quick Progress by Using the Proper Tools


If you don’t know what SaaS applications are or want to know more about them and explore their options, you are in the place. So, let’s start with the basics first. SaaS (Software as a Service) is a way of delivering applications over the Internet as a service. SaaS apps work on a multi-tenant model, which means that multiple customers share a common code base and infrastructure. The...

The Best Marketing Strategies for SaaS Companies


So you have a SaaS company and want to promote it? Naturally, you need to reach as many potential clients as humanly possible. However, there are many different ways of going about that, which means that you need a sound marketing strategy. And while there certainly are many good marketing strategies for SaaS companies, many of them have a lot in common: they focus on the user experience...

Best SaaS Tools for Employee Training and User Onboarding


Every business needs customers, that would be the whole point, wouldn’t it? Crucial as it is, there are many ways in order to gain and retain them, depending on your business, target audience, funds, etc. Customer or user onboarding is a term that encapsulates the whole process from them starting as potential customers to them becoming regulars. And just like everything nowadays, this process too...

Top 5+ SaaS Solutions for Knowledge Management


Knowledge management software allows you to extract intellectual capital and its assets by storing knowledge, which can be accessed by each individual from the company. It stores institutional and employee knowledge that can be used to improve and establish a business practice, staff skills, and along the way create a more efficient work ethic and environment. Some companies do not believe in...

Top 5 Ways to Gain SaaS Experience


The SaaS industry seems really attractive, right? Modern technology, products that generate income on a regular monthly or annual basis, a vibrant community… Indeed, if you have a good idea for a plugin or something like that, it can seem to you that becoming a part of the SaaS world is the best way to capitalize on it. And while that may be true in many cases, starting in this industry...

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