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The Best Marketing Strategies for SaaS Companies


So you have a SaaS company and want to promote it? Naturally, you need to reach as many potential clients as humanly possible. However, there are many different ways of going about that, which means that you need a sound marketing strategy. And while there certainly are many good marketing strategies for SaaS companies, many of them have a lot in common: they focus on the user experience...

The Key Elements of B2B Marketing You Should Know of


Creating interesting content and attracting customers – on the surface it looks simple, but there’s so much more to B2B marketing than this. It takes a detailed analysis of your business goals and target market as well as extensive planning of your strategy. This includes creating content that will most effectively help you reach your goals. At the same time, you should continuously track the...

Best Free Autoresponder Tools


Email marketing takes the throne when it comes to the most prosperous marketing tools. And by topping the conversion rates it remains the undisputed champion of B2B marketing strategies. With email marketing the secret lies in personalization and direct communication with your users, followed by exceptional versatility in the goals you want to achieve. By perfecting your email marketing strategy...

Outreach Automation – to Use It or Not to Use It?


Anyone with an email address has, at some point, received a promotional email from some company. You may have purchased some of their products in the past or just shared your contact info with them, but hardly could you avoid being targeted in at least one campaign as a potential buyer. Automated outreach emails are a part of the marketing automation process, and various businesses or...

Top Growth Hacks for SaaS Startups


It is no secret that many developers/businesses use SaaS hacks to increase their growth rates highly. There are many different hacks, and each of them has a specific purpose for certain case scenarios. Therefore, experimentation is a must, as sometimes, specific hacks won’t be applicable for your types of use. SaaS growth hacks help you reach out to more people and increase your brand’s...

How To Promote Your Blog For Free – 35 Techniques


Let me ask you a quick question right of the bat: How much time do you spend on promoting your content? Take your writing process as a counterweight. Do you spend more time on writing than promoting? The answer would surely be yes because that’s the way to go. Writing content, doing thorough research, assembling exceptional sentences, and producing the cherry-picked information to feed them to...

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