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Aggregate and show reviews as stars on Google


Have you ever wondered how to set up an overview of your services or product reviews? AddStars can offer you the perfect solution. Grabbing all those reviews from the entirety of the world wide web is no issue. Not to mention you can display them on Google SERPs. So, this tool works in a way that it collects your reviews from various review platforms, and puts them together neatly. Then it...

UPDF – The Best PDF Expert Alternative?


When it comes to electronics and documents, no format is more popular than PDF. it’s used for essentially anything official. From textbooks to government documents, if there’s a document online you can bet that it’s formatted as a PDF file. This format revolutionalized digital documentation and made file digitalization possible. PDF made it possible to save a lot of written data in a portable...

Best Zoho alternatives for 2023


With a large number of built-in connectors, extensive reporting and analytics tools, and a relatively affordable subscription price, Zoho CRM has established itself as a one-size-fits-all solution. Users may easily examine the information on each client because all customer accounts are kept in one location. The software’s objective is to assist sales staff in interacting auditory with...

Collect reviews from over 50 platforms and build your online reputation


A ruined reputation is a nightmare for any company. Therefore, great care is taken to ensure a good reputation is not damaged by anything. Companies know very well that the old adage there is dust behind every good horse does not apply here. Quite the opposite: the less dust, the better the company’s reputation. If a mistake in steps does happen, one should not run away from it. Experts...

How to Find and Fix Mixed Content Warnings on HTTPS Sites


On the Internet, there are two kinds of content: one delivered via a secure, encrypted HTTPS connection and the other delivered via an unencrypted HTTP connection. The HTTP protocol is insecure as it allows for easy data interception. The HTTPS protocol encrypts the message before sending it and only decrypts it during delivery. This allows the user and the website to communicate securely and...

7 Tips to Improve Email Automation Workflows


Ever since email marketing has become more of a necessity, people have been trying to find ways to optimize their campaigns. While there are many different ways of doing this, one common question that arises is how automation can be improved with respect to personalization and segmentation. Luckily, there are several ways in which you can do this by optimizing your workflows. In this article we...

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