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How to Find and Fix Mixed Content Warnings on HTTPS Sites


On the Internet, there are two kinds of content: one delivered via a secure, encrypted HTTPS connection and the other delivered via an unencrypted HTTP connection. The HTTP protocol is insecure as it allows for easy data interception. The HTTPS protocol encrypts the message before sending it and only decrypts it during delivery. This allows the user and the website to communicate securely and...

Protect Personal and Sensitive Information With The Best SSL Plugins for WordPress in 2022


Nowadays, SSL is widely used as the basis for the security of a website. SSL is a vital factor in every website’s success since it does the necessary things to avoid hackers and unwanted visits. Aside from that, it prevents any kind of viruses and other harmful software that may harm your online place. It is a shorter name for Secure Sockets Layer, and its only duty is to keep the...

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