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The 4 Best Backlink Checker Tools to Improve Your SEO Game


If you have any experience with WordPress, you are probably familiar with the term backlink. A backlink is any link that leads to your site from an external source. They are important because a good positioning in web search results depends on them. In the past, the number of backlinks was what mattered. However, once the Penguin Algorithm got updated, there was a major switch in the SEO...

8 Best MailChimp Alternatives to Skyrocket Your Email Marketing Efforts


Every successful business has its little secrets and methods of climbing to the top. Many rules are universal, such as being authentic, creating something of value, having a team of reliable and positive people, etc. But the modern era changed the game and bent the rules considering the countless possibilities that emerged, and the most important one is, you guessed it, advertising! You may love...

7 Best Online Password Managers


Each one of us has not one, not two, but dozens of accounts for various online platforms, such as social media, email, banking apps, dating apps, etc. We all know that to access those accounts you will need credentials, a username, and a password. Remembering all these credentials isn’t an easy task, regardless of age and memory. It seems that these types of people never came across something...

Best Keyword Research Tools to Improve Your Keyword Game


When you’re starting a website, you are most probably doing it with the goal of attracting as many people to it as possible. Various search engines, of which Google is the prime example, play a vital role in that process because they rank websites and determine which websites will be displayed first when a certain phrase is typed in. However, not all keywords are equally important. Imagine...

The 7 Must-Have Saas Tools for Project Management


Your days of drowning in spreadsheets, having information scattered all over the place, and struggling with impossibly difficult scheduling are over! Staying on top of project management has never been this easy. We can all agree that handling spreadsheets, managing budgets, and successfully teaming up with your co-workers on delicate tasks can be a time-consuming thing that makes the whole...

Top 5 URL Shortener Services


You got it all right, your text is playful and powerful, your emojis are on point, and your message is ready to be spread, but there is that one thing that pokes your eye – the pesky link that you inserted is all across the screen of your audience that keeps them as far away from clicking as possible. It looks sloppy, messy, and to mention suspicious with its countless characters, which...

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