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Necessary Facebook Marketing Tools for Agencies: Manage Several Profiles at Once


Facebook marketing has been popular for many years, and it is used either by individuals or by Marketing Agencies. Many tools are created for online marketing like the best cover photo templates, and they can help create an online marketing campaign.

Looking #Facebook #marketing #tools for your agency? We’ve got you covered, read this #list we’ve prepared for you.

There are plenty of media marketing agencies that help businesses boost brand awareness and website traffic through strategic posts and advertisements on multiple social media networks. You will choose a social marketing company that suits your needs, but it depends on the Facebook marketing tools it uses to manage several profiles at once.

But some tools are specially made to be used for Facebook marketing. Since the Marketing Agency manages more than one Facebook marketing campaign, these listed tools are necessary for Agencies:

1. Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook Audience Insights is a tool that agencies can use in Facebook marketing, and it’s a part of the Facebook app. Also, with Facebook Audience Insights, you can learn more about your target audience, which is helpful if you manage multiple Facebook accounts as a marketing agency.

Facebook Audience Insights will provide you with all relevant data from your client’s target audience. This anonymous data includes information about demographics, age and gender, the lifestyle of the selected audience, and many more info that is of use to marketers.

In Audience Insights, you can select and see information for these groups on Facebook:

  • General Facebook audience
  • The audience connected to your specific Facebook page or event
  • Custom audience

The primary distinction between Audience Insights and Page Insights is the broader insights provided. Audience Insights will give you information about your potential and current customers from all over Facebook.

All those parts of information are aggregated and anonymous, but marketing agencies will have basic info, useful when planning or running a marketing campaign on Facebook.

2. Facebook Ads Pixel

Facebook Ads Pixel

Facebook Ads Pixel is a great tool already integrated into Facebook for Business (now Meta for Business). It is a shortcode you can use on your agency website, which will enable you to build, measure, and optimize your audience on Facebook. With this info, you can run a successful advertising campaign on Facebook.

Features of the Facebook Ads Pixel tool are following:

  • Measure cross-device conversations
  • Optimize the delivery of your ads for the right target group and show ads that will engage them in action
  • Dynamic ads will create a custom audience; this feature will automatically show the right products to your audience that they viewed on your or any related website
  • Facebook Pixel dashboard will give you all relevant insights about your or your client’s website traffic.

3. Semrush


Semrush is a marketing tool that will enable you to have measurable results from the social media marketing you run. This tool has a Social Media Toolkit specifically designed to run successful marketing campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook.

With the Semrush Social Media toolkit, you will create and optimize Facebook ads. You will have features to schedule and post content. This tool will also help you analyze your accounts’ performance and competitors’ accounts. Semrush will assist you in increasing your clients’ visibility on Facebook.

4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an excellent tool for marketing agencies, and you can use it per Product or By Need. It is a social media tool (management platform) that you can use based on your use case, business type, industry, or network of choice.

With all of the information you can filter, this tool is helpful for your clients and you as a marketing agency to manage multiple Facebook accounts.

You can build a blueprint for the publishing strategy of your marketing campaign. Also, with Sprout Social, you will easily publish posts on different Facebook accounts.

Use Sprout Social visualized calendar, and it will organize your posts. You will also have a central hub from which you will be able to maintain posts across different profiles and campaigns, as you will be managing multiple accounts as an agency.

Sprout Social provides agencies with presentation-ready reports that can be shared with clients or exported. Furthermore, Sprout Social will give you access to a shared library to use approved assets or product links in your posts. Those posts can easily be linked to Facebook Shops catalogs.

5. AdExpresso


AdExpresso is a tool for Facebook’s online advertising and marketing campaigns. Useful features that AdExpresso has for agencies are:

  • Create campaigns
  • Analyze campaigns
  • Optimize campaigns
  • PDF Reporting
  • Education
  • Automatic Page Post Promotion

Using the AdExpresso tool, your agency will easily create advertising campaigns that you can use across multiple channels. All advertising campaigns are managed from a single location. Furthermore, campaigns are being analyzed, and you will have access to information about them all in one place.

AdExpresso will enable you to collaborate with your marketing team in all relevant aspects. This collaboration is accessible by your clients also, which is a great plus when you need quick approval from a client before posting some ads.

6. Adzooma


The main goal of the Adzooma marketing tool is to simplify online marketing. Since you run an advertising agency, you have the proper knowledge and experience; you can use this tool to connect all your accounts.

You will be able to automate all of your marketing campaigns easily. All connected accounts can be managed and optimized from a single location, simplifying your work and increasing the overall effectiveness of your campaigns.

Adzooma has a free knowledge base you and your team can use, and you will get info about the latest marketing trends by using Adzooma marketing playbooks or video tutorials.


You have seen that Facebook itself has tools that Marketing Agencies can use.

There are specialized tools to help any marketing agency run a successful marketing campaign on Facebook.

We presented only six, and if you would like us to introduce more of them, just let us know in the comments below.

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