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All You Need to Know About Rotating Proxies


When you utilize a rotating proxy, your requests are automatically “rotated” over multiple IP addresses. If you go this way, you won’t have to build or maintain your proxy rotation system. You can send requests to your proxy provider, which will use a different proxy for each one. Check that you are not using the same IP address to visit the target website since this may result in your IP being blocked.

What Are Rotating Proxies

A rotating proxy allows you to simulate multiple clients interacting with an online service or website instead of several requests from a single user. This allows you to bypass even the most powerful anti-bot systems and effectively scrape your target data. Even if a website blocks one IP address, your future connection attempts will certainly succeed since they will use other, unblocked IP addresses.


A rotating proxy server is the best way to hide your IP address from external websites. It conceals your location and identity, which is important for safeguarding your online privacy and anonymity. Instead of utilizing a single anonymized IP address, it changes your IP address with each request, allowing you to hide behind many IP addresses.

You can implement a rotating proxy approach using both data center proxies and residential proxies. Although the latter is more efficient, utilizing rotating proxies with either will increase your success rate when using web scraping or other comparable programs.

Rotating Datacenter Proxies

Data centers are vast clusters of networked servers with massive storage capabilities and supporting infrastructure. These facilities, as one might think, house data center proxies. You should first set up a virtual server, download an operating system, and then install a specialized application that enables you to establish IP addresses as proxies.


Finding the perfect balance of servers and IP addresses is vital for effective data center proxies. A server can have many IP addresses, but each one increases the server’s costs. You’ll ultimately reach a point where the server’s worth declines, and you’ll need to start over. Since juggling servers and IP addresses take time, most developers prefer to rent or buy proxies from specialized companies.

These IP addresses are not associated with any internet service providers. Instead, you’re dealing with the owners of the data center or a third party that creates proxies and distributes them to customers. Most websites can be visited and scraped using rotating datacenter proxies. Because each subsequent request is sent from a different IP address, tracking and blocking the scraper is difficult.

Rotating Residential Proxies

First, let’s talk about residential IPs to understand rotating residential proxy better. A residential IP address comes from a residential internet connection and is assigned to a single device. As a result, a residential IP address is a verified IP address that can be linked to a real person or device. Residential IP addresses are still retained by ISPs and assigned to their clients, but they must pass far more stringent verification than data center IP addresses. Internet companies and websites place a lot more faith in them.


A rotating residential proxy uses a large pool of home IP addresses. You are assigned a new residential IP address on each connection or after a specific period.

Visitors who use conventional VPNs or data center proxies to circumvent geo-blocking and anti-bottling efforts are increasingly being targeted by internet service providers. Some of the IPs available in the pool may be known to the anti-botting solution and blocked even before you start using them, which might substantially influence your scraping tool’s effectiveness. Residential rotating proxies are generally more expensive, but they may be worth it if the website has a strict anti-bot policy.


People go to significant measures to retain their anonymity on the internet. Anonymity is suitable for personal users who respect their online privacy and security. In your company’s situation, the stakes are substantially larger. Your business may need to visit multiple websites and social media platforms to collect data or help clients.

Proxies provide exceptional anonymity and privacy. On the other hand, websites are improving their detection and banning mechanisms for proxy-like activity. Proxy rotation guarantees that your proxy does not repeatedly access the same website in a short period. This significantly improves the efficiency of your internet usage while successfully avoiding different types of detection.

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