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How to Create a Perfect Buying Persona and Gain a Better Understanding of Your Customers


Let’s imagine one situation: Jon is a 32-year-old guy from Oslo, Norway. He wakes up every morning at 6 o’clock and runs for one hour. After that, he goes home and prepares for his work. His workday lasts 8 hours. Jon returns home, takes a rest, and goes to the gym. He enjoys sports and spends most of his free time exercising. Considering that the average temperature in Oslo is about...

Best Author Box Plugins for WordPress: Give Credit Where It Is Due With Ease


An author on a WordPress website is a person who creates content, pages, posts, etc. WordPress uses the concept of roles, and an author is one of them. There are six pre-defined roles. Each of those roles has a different set of capabilities. For example, the administrator has all the capabilities, including managing user access, while a subscriber can only edit their profile. For more information...

The WordPress Specialists