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ExpressVPN Not Working With Hulu? Here’s Some Easy Fixes!


ExpressVPN is a popular choice for individuals seeking to protect their online privacy and access geo-restricted content. However, users sometimes encounter issues when trying to stream Hulu with ExpressVPN. If you’re facing this problem, fear not! In this guide, we’ll walk you through some common issues and provide straightforward solutions to get you back to enjoying your favorite shows on Hulu.

Understanding the Issue

Understanding the Issue

Before diving into the fixes, it’s important to understand why ExpressVPN may not be working with Hulu. Hulu uses geo-blocking technology to restrict access to its content from outside the United States. ExpressVPN’s servers are designed to bypass such restrictions, but occasionally, Hulu updates its algorithms to detect and block VPN traffic.

Common Issues and Solutions

1. Try a Different Server Location

Sometimes, the server you’re connected to may be temporarily blocked by Hulu. Switching to a different server location can often resolve this issue. ExpressVPN offers a wide range of server locations, so try selecting a U.S. server that is not currently experiencing high traffic.

2. Clear Browser Cookies and Cache

Over time, cookies and cached data can accumulate in your browser, potentially causing conflicts with VPN services. Clearing these can help resolve streaming issues. Instructions for clearing cookies and cache vary by browser, but you can usually find these options in your browser’s settings or preferences menu.

3. Disable Location Services

Some devices use GPS or other location services to determine your physical location. Make sure these services are turned off while using ExpressVPN to access Hulu. This prevents your device from inadvertently revealing your true location.

4. Try a Different Device

If you’re experiencing issues on one device, try accessing Hulu on a different device. This can help determine whether the issue is specific to a particular device or if it’s a broader connectivity issue.

5. Check for VPN Updates

Both ExpressVPN and Hulu frequently update their software to enhance performance and security. Ensure that you are using the latest version of both ExpressVPN and Hulu to avoid compatibility issues.

6. Contact ExpressVPN Support

If none of the above solutions work, reach out to ExpressVPN’s customer support team. They have a dedicated support staff that can assist with troubleshooting and provide specific recommendations based on your situation.

7. Switch to a Different VPN Server Protocol

ExpressVPN offers various VPN protocols (such as OpenVPN, IKEv2, and L2TP/IPsec). Trying a different protocol can sometimes bypass Hulu’s VPN detection. You can switch protocols in the settings of the ExpressVPN app.

8. Utilize ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer

ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer is a smart DNS service that can be used to unblock streaming content. It’s a viable alternative if you’re still experiencing difficulties with the VPN connection. Instructions for setting up MediaStreamer can be found on the ExpressVPN website.

Additional Tips

– Test Different Servers: If one server doesn’t work, try a few others to see if they provide access to Hulu.

– Clear DNS Cache: Flushing your DNS cache can sometimes resolve connection issues. Instructions for this can be found online and vary by operating system.


Experiencing issues with ExpressVPN not working with Hulu can be frustrating, but with a bit of troubleshooting, most problems can be resolved. Keep in mind that both ExpressVPN and Hulu are constantly updating their software, so occasional compatibility issues are not uncommon. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll likely be back to streaming your favorite content in no time. Remember to always use VPN services responsibly and in compliance with applicable laws and terms of service.

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