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How to Use Google Keyword Planner to Improve Your Ads Campaign


Keywords are a very important aspect in both your site’s SEO and the success of your advertising campaigns, and to be honest, finding the right ones isn’t an easy task. How good a keyword really is, depends on the perspective you look at it from. First, there is your personal perspective, the keywords you think will make the performance of your site and ads better. Then, there is the technical...

How to Boost Your Online Store with Google Shopping Insights


The world of online shopping has expanded dramatically over the years, and the income that you can make from a good online store is beyond imagination. It takes some courage, creativity, ingenuity, alongside a pinch of experience with strong knowledge of the products you’re about to sell, and if you mix those ingredients properly, you can make a profitable business that your competition will envy...

A Step by Step Guide to Write Interesting SEO Content


As a writer, you have to deal with various challenges. One of these challenges is writing interesting and engaging content for apparently not so interesting or boring topics. Writing on such a topic may become a headache because you find it boring and there is nothing interesting in it. If you try to write it as a compulsion, your content won’t feel engaging, and eventually, no one would take an...

Guide to Understanding CSS Variables


CSS Variables (also referred to as cascading variables or custom properties) are style sheet language entities that contain specific values that can be reused throughout a web document. For instance, if your website’s main color is green and you want to apply the color to various HTML elements throughout the website. The ideal concept is to declare the color a CSS variable so you could...

Six Business Investments to Consider This Year


Smart business owners invest in their companies as profits allow. Some things have a direct return on investment (ROI) and are easy to measure. In contrast, others require a bit of insight and forward-thinking, such as analyzing employee engagement and customer satisfaction. According to one survey of 1,377 technology and healthcare founders, 60% felt business conditions would improve going...

Things Not to Save on When Starting Your WordPress Site


Building a website nowadays isn’t as difficult or as expensive as it once was, but being able to develop a website at a low price doesn’t mean that no investments need to be made in order for that website to be a good and successful one. You have a lot to prepare before you launch your site, but don’t panic. In this article, we have made a list of things that you should never save money on...

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