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A student with a bachelor's degree in English & Literature, working on his thesis. I write articles & blogs, and I also do some editing and Web development on the side. Passionate gamer & content creator in my free time. 

Best Auphonic Alternatives That Will Optimize Your Audio and Video Files With Ease


As most of you know, you do not just publish your podcast immediately after recording because it needs to go through a post-production process. If you’ve been looking for services or tools that can help you with post-production for podcasts, broadcasts, radio shows, movies, screencasts, etc., then you’ve probably run into Auphonic, a service that uses algorithms when processing audio...

How to Make a Sticky Element in WordPress Without Writing a Line of Code


If you’re looking to emphasize certain website elements to improve navigation and user engagement, you’ll need to enable the sticky position property on your WordPress website. By improving the user experience through the use of sticky elements you can easily boost your conversions. So, what are sticky elements, and how can you create them? The Definition of Sticky Elements Sticky elements...

Best Online Services for Monitoring Site Uptime


It is crucial for all websites to be available to users at all times. But sometimes, websites and URLs go down due to technical difficulties such as hardware problems and network issues. Even though most (reputable) web hosts “promise” not to have these issues, they can still occur from time to time. Another potential reason could be DDOS attacks that hackers use to take down websites. Big...

Free Vs Premium – How to Know if You Should Purchase a WordPress Theme/Plugin


Believe it or not, this question is often asked by most beginners when they start with WordPress websites. Even though themes and plugins are two different things, the same rules can be applied in various circumstances. Nevertheless, we’ll go through both separately and I’ll show you their pros and cons, so you can better understand the whole situation and decide if a plugin/theme is worth...

Top 5+ SaaS Solutions for Knowledge Management


Knowledge management software allows you to extract intellectual capital and its assets by storing knowledge, which can be accessed by each individual from the company. It stores institutional and employee knowledge that can be used to improve and establish a business practice, staff skills, and along the way create a more efficient work ethic and environment. Some companies do not believe in...

Top Growth Hacks for SaaS Startups


It is no secret that many developers/businesses use SaaS hacks to increase their growth rates highly. There are many different hacks, and each of them has a specific purpose for certain case scenarios. Therefore, experimentation is a must, as sometimes, specific hacks won’t be applicable for your types of use. SaaS growth hacks help you reach out to more people and increase your brand’s...

The WordPress Specialists