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Top Code Assessment Platforms for Software Engineers: Hire the Right Candidates With Ease


If you’re considering hiring a software developer, first take a peek at their code. Previously, you would simply give your prospects some puzzles to answer, which wasn’t the most efficient way to acquire a software engineer.

Take a look at this article and pick your favorite #code #assessment #platforms for software engineers.

You’ll only need code assessment tools in the job interview presently. Thanks to them, finding a software developer is considerably more accessible now. So, let’s have a look at a few of our favorites.



HackerRank is a hacker community where members can collaborate on real-world challenges, riddles, and gaming bots.

Problem solvers, such as hackers, programmers, and other professionals, control how the world works and progresses. As they address problems more quickly, inventions arrive more quickly, and the world advances more rapidly as a result.

Something on HackerRank will pique the interest of any problem-solver on the planet. Problems with machine learning, mathematics, JavaScript hacks, image processing, and other obstacles are possibilities. HackerRank now evaluates 35 programming languages.

Despite the fact that some exam situations are chaotic, you can create your challenge by utilizing the company’s open positions.



With their take-home coding assignments and pair-programming environments for technical interviews, CodeSubmit focuses on giving real-world activities.

They provide shorter code challenges with pre-defined exams and real-world assignments for deep dives with candidates you’re interested in.

CodeSubmit is best suited for businesses that don’t need a full-fledged solution and only need to screen and evaluate a small number of candidates.

This is probably not the most incredible option for you if you’re trying to recruit people or screen them before they apply because even their Business plan is limited to 60 prospects per month.



CodinGame is a web-based tool that helps programmers to solve difficult challenges. The riddles become more complex as the game goes.

The platform allows developers to code more successfully by providing online software supporting 25 programming languages, including C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Python, and others. A multiplayer programming competition with artificial intelligence or code challenges is also available for developers.

CodinGame also serves as a recruiting tool, allowing businesses to find developers based on their competition results. Every three months, CodinGame hosts a global tournament to engage organizations with developers.

The majority of the questions on the platform are theoretical rather than practical coding exercises. Employers can use coding exams to determine the level of their programming candidates. For non-technical users, the platform’s user interface is simple to use and navigate.



Codility is a platform that allows engineering teams to hire remote professionals more efficiently. They use the platform to anticipate their technical candidates’ real-world potential at every stage of the hiring process.

Including unbiased and relevant evaluations on CodeCheck, live technical interviews on CodeLive, and virtual recruitment campaigns on CodeChallenges – all done remotely and at scale.

Engineers will be able to hire more rapidly, save time, and devote more effort to solving critical challenges as a result. The Codility assessment engine provides a clear indicator of which candidates are most likely to advance based on technical skills.

Codility enables hiring managers to conduct online live coding sessions with their candidates, which can be recorded and shared via API or through direct interaction with your applicant tracking system. They have a tiny task library, but creating your own is simple.



HackerEarth is an Indian-based online technical recruitment tool that allows you to construct examinations and assess candidates to identify the best match for you.

Also, it automates the screening of hundreds of resumes, saving you time and allowing you to screen applications quickly. It was created to make technical recruiting as simple as possible.

HackerEarth also generates thorough results based on various exams on each applicant’s performance. It also provides valuable information on usage and recruitment activity, allowing you to make better future employment selections.

HackerEarth’s anti-plagiarism policies ban copying and pasting in assessments, as well as tab flipping in a testing environment.


As software languages and development increase in complexity and difficulty, it is ever so harder to properly assess your Engineer candidates or evaluate your code.

Hopefully, with these 5 solutions, you will find one that will rid you of your problems and allow you to dedicate more time to other crucial areas of software engineering.

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