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Welcome Emails Templates – A Guide with Examples


Once a prospect finally decides to become a customer, you want to make them feel valued. And that’s why welcome emails are composed. Whether the visitor is subscribing for the newsletter alone or any other marketing content, they have committed to your company. And this is your opportunity to capitalize on the interest.

Because welcome emails boast the open rate four times and the CTR rate five times higher than the standard emails, it becomes imperative to maintain your A-game.

Don’t ever forget that welcome emails set the foundation for the brand and establish a connection with the customer or potential customers.

Do you know that only 57.7% of brands send a welcome email to the new subscribers? Yet, these emails generate up to 320% more revenue as compared to promotional emails.

So, what is a welcome email?

In the most straightforward words, a welcome email is the first means of communication that a company sends when a buyer reaches a particular stage of relationship with the company. The welcome emails don’t usually serve as the first impression as the visitors might have already engaged with the marketing content or sales team directly.

Welcome Sign

If a company manages to compose a customer-focused, value-packed email, it can stand out in the unlimited emails that are cluttered in the inbox. Here, we have gathered some useful welcome email templates that can be nurturing for the new customers.

1. A Welcome Email Composed by a Human

You will find it quite helpful that 74% of marketers believe that personalized emails increase customer engagement. It also improves the transactional rate by six times. A welcome email composed by humans tends to increase the trust and loyalty of the customer. You can utilize this idea and tailor future emails accordingly.

Here is the template:

Hello [name],

I’m [name], the founder/CEO of [company name], and I’d like to thank you personally for signing up for the service.

We established [company name] to [mention the company’s goals, mission, and values].

I’d love to get a feed of the product/service to understand if there is something we can improve. If you have any questions, reply to the email, and I’ll get back to you shortly. Always here for help!!


This template can be used when the prospect turns into a buyer. This welcome email can be sent after the purchase is confirmed. You can also add some images or other visual content to interact with the customers more interestingly. Try to establish a personal tone with warmth, and the customer will most likely feel appreciated.

One of the best welcome email examples for personalized emails is the email from Modalyst CEO-Jill Sherman.

2.  Welcome to Trial Email

Unlimited companies offer a free trial for their products and services at any stage of their sales funnel. Hence, composing a welcome email for the trial will further promote the value of paid membership of the product/service.


Hi [name],

Welcome to [product or service name]. Your free trial is active from [date] till [date].

Want to try something more?

Stay up-to-date with our emails, and we’ll send the best tips for our [product/service].

Want to get things done faster? Get more with our [product/service] and choose a plan below…

[Provide plan details or a link]

After all, your main goal is to convert the leads into sales. And these welcome email templates will state the benefit of becoming a paid customer of the company.

One of the best real-life welcome email examples for the trial is given by Shopify. Take a look:

3. A Product-Focused Welcome Email

The welcome emails focused on introducing a product provides a showcasing to the product/service in an easily-understood manner. That’s why market leaders often use videos or webinars to present their products.

The perfect welcome email example for a product-focused email is given below.

Hi [name],

Welcome to [product/ brand name]. We are thrilled to make you an acquaintance.

We have confidence that our [product/service] will be helpful [describe the benefits of the product/services].

Get to know us better in our [introduction title] video. We will guide you through [product/service] to ensure that you can avail all benefits.

Find more guides here to learn more about the [product/services].

Take care!


A Good example of a welcome email which is product-focused is given by HubSpot.

4. A Welcome Email with Free Gift

We all can agree that offering special offers and discounts are the most effective ways of encouraging sales. And if the customer has already opted in for the trial of the product or service, then you can simply offer some additional discount to lure them in. Give your customers an unexpected gift, and they will turn from leads to sales.

thank you gift

The welcome email template is given here:

Hi [name],

Thanks for signing up for [product/service]!

As a special thanks for our valued customer, we are giving you 15% off when you sign-up for the paid plan.

Use the coupon code below at checkout and save more.

[Discount Code]

Apart from this, the gift can be any other product or service. You can suggest guides or some ideas to the customers that will help establish them as an authority figure.

5. The “Thanks for Subscribing” Welcome Email

This type of welcome email is composed for the website visitors who submit specific information in a form to receive newsletter or content resources. Most companies offer content downloads as an effective strategy to build a subscriber list and nurture their needs from time to time.

You can keep the thanks for subscribing to email simple with a clear and concise message. The email can still be used as an opportunity to introduce other products or services for the business.

The welcome email template is given here:

Hi [name],

Thanks for signing up for [newsletter/other services]!

Just like we promised, here is the link for your free [name of the product/service].

[Don’t forget to add a link or call-to-action]

If you want more helpful tips on [subject], visit our blog or website page [with links]. Learning is a never-ending curve; explore more with our [product/service that you offer].

Reply to this mail if you are interested or have any questions. I’m here to help!!



To look at the real welcome email examples, you can sign up for Really B2B. They present great opportunities to the subscribers willing to turn into paid customers.

Some Final Words

Whether we are composing a reminder email, onboarding welcome email, or thanking email, we always need creative ideas with a compelling message. Welcome emails give a company the perfect opportunity to nurture the customer’s needs and make a good impression. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box for new and impressive ways to connect with your customers.

No matter what approach you take, keep your focus on the customer, and everything will turn out great. As long as the customer is being appreciated, they will stay loyal to the company. So, invest your time, efforts, and mind in creating a value-added welcome email template that connects with the customers right away.

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