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Best Email Subject Line Tester Tools for Attaining an Impressive Open Rate as Well as Click-Through Rate


The most time-consuming task of all marketing activities is content creation, and what a shame it would be if you or your team spent all that time trying to create the perfect email, and in the end, most of your subscribers don’t even open it. All of that time wasted, never to come back again. This happens often, but it doesn’t mean that you have bad content creators. No single person...

How to Choose the Right Email Marketing Service


When you are planning on starting email marketing campaigns for your business, you need to make sure that you are using the right service. With an email marketing service, you can do all of this and more. To help you find the perfect email marketing service, we have created some tips that you can use. Read on to hear these tips and get started. Shop Around The first thing that you should do when...

Best Free Autoresponder Tools


Email marketing takes the throne when it comes to the most prosperous marketing tools. And by topping the conversion rates it remains the undisputed champion of B2B marketing strategies. With email marketing the secret lies in personalization and direct communication with your users, followed by exceptional versatility in the goals you want to achieve. By perfecting your email marketing strategy...

Welcome Emails Templates – A Guide with Examples


Once a prospect finally decides to become a customer, you want to make them feel valued. And that’s why welcome emails are composed. Whether the visitor is subscribing for the newsletter alone or any other marketing content, they have committed to your company. And this is your opportunity to capitalize on the interest. Because welcome emails boast the open rate four times and the CTR rate five...

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