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7 stategies to build an email list fast and easy


I have bad news. Your email marketing contacts’ database gets degraded over time.

The email addresses of your contacts shift as they move from one organization to the next you can opt out of any emails or the email address they used to complete forms for websites.

Discover the most effective #strategies to increase your #email list and ensure you have an extensive list of #customers

As a marketer, it’s your task to ensure that you’re adding new contacts to your list of email addresses, so you can continue growing. While purchasing email addresses can be a viable option, it’s usually not the best method.

In this article, you will discover the most effective strategies to increase your email list and ensure you have an extensive list of customers who are eager to hear your thoughts and are likely to purchase and help the growth of your business.

What is an email list?

A list of email addresses is an accumulation of a company’s email addresses since customers have provided their email addresses and chosen to receive updates and content about your company by email.
Sometimes referred to as subscriber lists, email lists may shrink as members opt out, but they can also expand as you build up a list of addresses via lead generation.

Email List

If you’re not creating your email list or have run out of ideas about how to get started, here are 39 easy methods to increase the size of your list of email subscribers. Be aware that when using these strategies, people must be able to sign up to receive messages from your company because some might not be interested.

What makes list building so crucial?

For each dollar you spend on marketing via email, the estimated return will be $42 by DMA Marketer’s email tracker. Suppose you compare it with the returns on the investment in other channels, for instance. In that case, PPC advertisements, which are just $2 per $1 email marketing’s high ROI, are attractive, even if not a necessary marketing channel.

Money Graph

For every dollar, you spend on marketing via email, the average anticipated return of $42. Contrary to this, PPC advertising yields $2 for every dollar spent.
No matter how big your business, the people on your list of email subscribers could be crucial to the effectiveness of your campaigns. It is easy to monitor performance metrics, like the open rate for emails, the click-through rate, click-through rate, and conversion rates, which provides valuable data to marketers on how they’re doing and what could be improved.

For instance, by looking at the click-through rate of emails or the open-to-click ratio, marketers can determine if their target audience is interested in the content they’re creating. A/B testing subject lines in emails such as “20% Off” vs. “Free Shipping” can offer greater insight into which type of value proposition is most popular with your clients and others.

How To Grow Your Email List Using Email

1. Create unique email content

Are you looking to keep your current customers and let them aid in expanding your list? Create unique email content. When your email content is engaging, useful, informative, and interesting, recipients will always anticipate receiving them and are likelier to share the emails on networks. This can help you get noticed and also gain new subscribers.

2. Encourage subscribers to forward and share their emails with friends and family

Add social sharing buttons and an “Email to a Friend” button in those marketing messages. This way, you’ll be able to reach the recipients’ friends, colleagues, and networks, thereby expanding your contacts list. At the end of your email, add a “Subscribe” CTA as a simple text-based hyperlink so that those who receive the email can easily sign-up also.


3. Sort your email lists according to the buyer’s profile

The people who receive emails will more often click on emails tailored to their interests. Therefore, using various kinds of email subscriptions for sending specific content to various groups of your target audience is something to consider.
If you design different types of subscribers targeted, You’ll increase the chances that your visitors will opt-in to one or more of them. Indeed marketers who employed segmented campaigns saw as much as a 760 percent increase in the revenue.

4. Revitalize an outdated list of emails with an opt-in-in campaign

Are you on an old list you think is largely degraded? Create an attractive opt-in message and distribute it to your old list. Encourage people to opt-in again should they wish to; however, pledge to eliminate all contacts who do not respond.


While it might be odd to eliminate people from your list of email addresses to increase their number, sending emails to people you know are active will improve the quality of your delivery and increase the chances of your emails being shared with contacts that aren’t part of your current database.

5. Include an opt-in link in the signatures of your employees

Hyperlinked email signatures could lead users to a landing site where they can sign up for your email list. In addition, if you’re engaged in an email conversation with them, signing up for additional emails is an easy next step.

6. Create a lead-generation campaign that is unique

Create a new secure lead-generation promotion such as the gratis book and put it up on the landing page, which requires users to sign up with their email address to download it.

Email Icon

7. Create a web-based tool for free or another resource that requires registration

Online free tools help make the lives of your users simpler, particularly if all they need to do is sign-up using an email address. For instance, we’ve designed many free programs, such as the Website Grader, for capturing email addresses.


In conclusion, up to 2022, creating email lists remains at the top of the most well-known and effective marketing techniques. Engaging in a personal way with your customers is an area where email marketing stands out. A well-curated and highly customized email list will increase repeat sales for your eCommerce website.

Make sure you carefully choose and go over the landing page you are using to collect email addresses and the method you employ to build your email lists. A “test and learn” approach is a good idea, so don’t be uneasy about changing things around.

These eight strategies will hopefully provide you with a fantastic opportunity to begin building your email list efficiently and also provide you with a different method to reach your market. The process of generating leads is only the beginning.

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