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5 Significant Differences Between Laravel And Ruby On Rails


A web framework is a tool that facilitates the process of writing and running a web application. Thanks to it, there is no need to write a lot of lines of code and spend time looking for potential errors. From the very beginning, all the lines of future applications were written manually, and only the application developer could modify or deploy it, but web frameworks allowed to change this situation. Now their diversity allows us to choose the one suitable for both static and dynamic pages. Depending on the task, there is a possibility to choose one framework and hire Laravel developer if the needs of a project require it.

The frameworks have two main functions: work on the server-side (backend) and work on the client-side (frontend).

The backend is responsible for the internal structure of the application, and the front-end framework for the appearance of the application. In this article, we will answer a question “is ruby on rails dying” and also will look at such a framework as Laravel to compare their features for different projects.

What Are Laravel and Django?

Laravel is a framework written in PHP. It is free and open-source. It is used when creating applications with the MVC model (Model View Controller). This framework falls into the list of the most popular, promising, and used PHP frameworks and receives such titles as the best enterprise-level framework and the best framework for personal projects. Laravel’s main problem is poor performance compared to Django.


Django is a framework for Python web applications. Some components of this framework are weakly connected, so they can be replaced with similar ones. In addition to the features built into the core of the framework, some packages expand their capabilities.


5 Differences Between Laravel And Ruby On Rails

 1. Performance

Laravel has excellent web application performance. This is achieved through many tools that increase the speed of generating web pages. The biggest advantage of the framework is that the speed of the code does not depend on the production environment. In this feature, Ruby On Rails is significantly behind, although its performance is one of the best among other frameworks.

2. Community

Laravel community plays an important role, too. This allows you to create a product that is easy to maintain. Open source allows anyone to take part in improving both the framework and its third-party applications. If we talk about Laravel vs. Ruby On Rails, it arrived earlier on the web landscape, so it has a bigger community with great guides and documentation. There is no shortage of free resources online for learning either framework.

Django Community

3. Syntax

The Ruby on Rails syntax is very simplified, easy to read, and understand. It definitely has more features for writing clean code, unlike Laravel. Although Laravel is one of the most trending frameworks over the past few years, with a large number of DDD architectural approaches.

4. Testing

Ruby on Rails has outstanding testing capabilities. Laravel also has a set of testing tools that provide a good basis for various checks.

Laravel Testing

5. Templates

A key feature of Laravel is the use of the Blade template engine. It helps to standardize and reuse the same template in different parts of the application. At the same time, it does not limit the developer from using native PHP-methods of templating. Laravel service provider should be used if an application relies on providing data to other applications.

As for Ruby on Rails, templates can be low-level, which are responsible for some aspect of the internal operation of the application, as well as high-level, which are separate modules for solving a wide range of business tasks.

ERB is the default engine for Ruby on Rails.

Companies that Use Web Applications Built with Laravel/Ruby on Rails

Such an application as Wattpad – a social platform for readers and writers, and the website of the game Fallout 4 is built with a Laravel development company.

The first version of Twitter was created on Ruby on Rails. Initially, the company used RoR but later switched to Java.

One of the largest online rental services worldwide, Airbnb also used Ruby on Rails to build the site. This list can also include sites of companies such as Hulu, Twitch, Kickstarter, as well as Bloomberg.

Availability and Cost of Laravel/Ruby on Rails Developers

The availability of developers is associated with the popularity of the language and the framework, because the greater the interest in them, the easier it is to find developers.

Also, we have gathered some data about Laravel and Ruby on Rails developers’ costs in different countries. Laravel developer salary in the USA is $76,526 while Ruby on Rails – $74,504. At the same time, there is a big difference between the cost of Laravel and Ruby on Rails web developer salary in Ukraine: the first one is $66,959, and the last one is $30,000. Laravel developer in Germany is $63,264 and Ruby on Rails – $62,988. Laravel web developer in the United Kingdom costs $71,574 and Ruby on Rails $49,434.

Bottom Line

The question of choosing a framework often puzzles developers. It is desirable for a project to be based on the most appropriate trending framework and also to develop skills and apply knowledge in real projects. Both goals can be achieved by learning everything is possible about web frameworks.

Choosing between Laravel and Ruby on Rails frameworks, you can take into account many different aspects. If you are looking for a proven solution used in many successful projects, Ruby on Rails is the best choice. In case you want to try new and promising technology, it is worth considering Laravel.

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