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Vallery Henings is a copywriter and content writer who specializes in ghost blogging, email marketing campaigns, and sales pages. She is also a lover of road trips, peanut butter cookies, and a dog name Mimy.

Why Do You Need a Legal Translation?


We have all heard of the term ‘legal translation’, but most of us don’t know what it means. In a nutshell, it is a translation from one language to another. In most cases, it is from the local legal language to English or from English to a different language. Translating the paper from one language to another, maybe in a different script, and the process is often the same in...

A Beginner’s Guide to Proxies


Proxy servers are an essential part of the internet. Today, numerous different proxy types have unique focus, forms, and functions. Find out how proxies can enhance your security and automate your workflow while costing significantly less than other solutions. Choosing the Right Proxy for the Task You may have heard of internet proxies before, but you may be surprised by how many proxy types...

Does Your Business Landing Page Build Trust?


Your company’s landing page has a short window of time to make a first impression. You must start the user through the sales funnel, impart information to help them decide, and build trust all in one shot. How can you ensure you gain the confidence of people who’ve never met you or done business with your brand before? According to Edelman’s most recent Trust Barometer report...

Why Company Websites Should Highlight Their Past Work


Do you use your website as an opportunity to show off your best triumphs? Customers need to know you’ve had successes in the past and can overcome challenges and take on big projects. According to Internet Live Stats, there are 1.89 billion websites on the world wide web. The number changes by millisecond as sites come and go. Once your users stumble on your presence, you have to grab their...

7 Steps to Having an Accessible Website


The goal of every website is to attract as much traffic as possible, yet not every website owner will make sure everyone can use their site. Only in the United States, millions of users rely on websites being accessible. Not providing them with that access can lead to incredibly high fines and losing a valuable percentage of your target audience for good. Luckily, the great thing about accessible...

Top 6 Websites You Can Use for Entertainment in 2021


All of us have a fondness for streaming media. May it is a movie, live stream, or TV show, we are all in for consuming the content we like in this information age. Since the advent of smart computers and phones, our entertainment options and libraries have kept on expanding. Netflix Netflix is the number 1 streaming platform having a wide variety of shows, from Friends to Breaking Bad. It shells...

The WordPress Specialists