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How to Find Perfect WordPress Theme for Your Technology Blog


Tech niche grows exponentially every year because people love to read about new technologies, search for tech guides and watch tutorials.

As technology advances, so does the opportunity to write recent tech articles and blogs. If you have experience and knowledge in the tech area, starting a tech blog can share your expertise with the online audience. You can write reviews of tech items, sharpen your skills by producing tech-related news, or teach new people about tech.

Although you can use numerous building software to develop technological blogs, WordPress themes are still convenient.

If you are looking for #WordPress themes to suit your technology #blog, then check out this article! We have the three best WordPress themes for #technology blogs.

WordPress themes are pre-build customizable website templates that can help you attract more visitors and improve traffic on your site. Even though some accessible technology WordPress themes are often limited in features and lack performance. However, by choosing Premium WordPress themes, you can get a lot more and a lot faster.

Premium themes are well-designed and fully customizable, allowing you to construct amazing technological blogs. With the growing popularity of the tech area, it’s critical for your success that your templates be one-of-a-kind, which you can do with the Premium themes.

As technology expands, the tech niche becomes more and more saturated, and therefore being unique comes in handy. They are user-friendly, which means no coding experience is needed, and they have excellent technical support if you have any problems or questions.

Features You Should Pay Attention to When Choosing a WordPress Theme

When choosing a WordPress theme for your technology blog, it is essential to find one with the following features:

  • SEO-friendly – a WordPress theme with a built-in search engine optimization feature, to rank your technology blog on Google search engine
  • Mobile responsive – a feature to optimize your blog to look great on different screens and different devices
  • Enhanced view – theme is sharp and clear; it is easy to upload pictures and videos without distortions
  • Full customization – a theme that enables you to customize your website’s layout fully can lead to a more appealing blog design
  • Speed – fast theme leads to great-performing blog

Another thing to keep an eye out for is overpriced Tech themes. Nonetheless, there are a plethora of low-cost and effective themes to pick from.

1. Networker


The Networker WordPress theme is perfect for technology-driven news and magazine-style blogs. It features a library with a wide range of templates and even designs for individual articles.

You can add a few extra features with the Networker theme to make your site even more attractive. One option is to use highlighted videos as the page’s background and to use videos rather than photographs for your posts. Visitors can also switch between Dark and Light modes, which is an excellent option to have.

2. Avada


As one of the most customizable and exceedingly flexible WordPress themes, Avada is an excellent choice for new and experienced bloggers alike. Avada offers unlimited template designs and a fully responsive website layout.

This theme provides a drag a drop page builder, so you can easily maintain your frontend. When purchasing the Avada theme, you get a few premium plugins such as ACF PRO, ConvertPlus, etc., which are fully supported. Avada also features a bbPress forum plugin for an easy membership subscription. Yet, you can also use a different WordPress membership plugin to suit your needs.

3. Zeen


From Codetipi designers comes a next-generation tech theme, Zeen. This theme is extremely fast, amazingly flexible, and intuitive. One of the most excellent features is the Tipi Builder, a frontend page builder that allows you to create a layout from the ground up and gives you a live preview of all adjustments.

You can choose from different and unique layout options. Also, the Zeen theme has various features like pop-up forms that can quickly build up your mailing list.


All in all, tech blogs need to be unique in this ever-growing tech niche.

The success of your blog depends on how good and fast your website is.

With the help of the above-listed Tech themes, you can create professional tech websites with ease. With the builder options, you can choose templates and create unique blogs.

The integrated SEO tools can make your blog be more competitive and rank higher on Google search pages. By working less on your site with the help of the themes, you can have more time to focus on your content.

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