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One of the crucial things considered when discussing anything online related is security. In the last couple of years, we’ve seen breaches and hacks on a corporate level, resulting in massive data links – and those we’d expect to be entirely secure, so what hope do the rest of us have.

The concerns regarding data protection should be genuine. However, on a small scale, you can use some action that will dramatically improve your overall security across the board.

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You’re essentially at risk the moment you go online, i.e., connect via Wi-Fi or a mobile network, so it’s prudent to conceal your presence for both business and personal reasons. This is where proxies, specifically mobile proxies, come in.

What Are Mobile Proxies?

“Regular” proxies act as shields that keep your IP address and personal data private. Proxies mask your IP address by taking your requests (attempting to access a site is considered a request) and running it through their IP instead of yours. This relay process ensures online anonymity.

Without it, you would be accessing the websites through a direct connection which means all that data is visible to others.

man using phone

Mobile proxy networks will rotate IP addresses by forwarding traffic through other mobile devices connected to a 3G or 4G network to get a bit more technical. Mobile proxies do the same thing, only centered around portable devices like tablets or smartphones.

These proxies will mask your IP address by running it through the device you’re connecting to. These will be actual physical devices that are connected and not virtual ones – mobile proxies are therefore always authentic.

Being authentic makes it much more difficult to detect that you’re masking your IP, which leads to guaranteed anonymity (or as close to it as you can get), as well as enhanced privacy and security.

You would expect proxies to change your IP each time you open your browser, but in reality, they change much more frequently.

You can set it up so that each request you make to access a website is made through a different IP. Alternatively, you can choose to automatically change your IP in timed intervals, regardless of what you’re doing online (for example, every 20 minutes).

Considering everything, a mobile proxy service like The Social Proxy is worth considering for all you do online and should be essential for business. It offers all the basic stuff that’s expected from a proxy service, along with some enhancements that will benefit your site in all aspects.

The Social Proxy

What is The Social Proxy All About?

As the name suggests, the Social Proxy specializes in mobile proxies designed for social media management and automation. However, that should stop you from using them for everything else.

There’s clear and concise documentation on how to implement real-time access logging; and unlimited mobile IPs (all of the highest trust scores) that reset via the APIs above. This includes essential tools like automatic IP rotation you can configure yourself through APIs.

The APIs are practically a story unto themselves, giving you ample ways to implement various commands, even using them with other services. They will be your go-to way of manually setting up the finer details of the service. Among other things, you can get IPs, rotate them, set the rotation frequency, etc., all through several languages.


Because the IPs you’re provided with are no different from those of real users, along with constant automatic rotation, it’s tough for any social media platform to detect proxies are being used. This says a lot when you consider that these platforms have some of the highest detection rates on the web.

The infrastructure is cutting-edge, relying on 4G LTE devices rather than the market’s still-common P2P networks. Because the company owns these genuine 4G devices, they have complete control over all connections coming in and overall security and top speeds at all times.

Using The Social Proxy

The first thing that caught our eye with The Social Proxy is the great dashboard where everything the service offers is found in one place. There’ll be no jumping from one page/tab to the next – everything is conveniently available.


Furthermore, their mobile proxies are global, currently covering five countries, which translates to a significant array of choices, depending on your needs. Except for the IP addresses directly tied to your country of choice, there are no differences between the options – all other features are present in each plan.

pricing and plans

Within the tools section, you can access the API directory to manually set them up, check out the real-time logging and media tools, and take part in the affiliate program. All of these will help you on your path to fully realize your goals.

Now that you know what mobile proxies are and what The Social Proxy brings to the table, it’s worth discussing the reasons you’d want to use mobile proxies both privately and in your business.

Why Should You Use Mobile Proxies for Everyday Browsing?

There are several reasons why you should use mobile proxies like The Social Proxy in your everyday browsing. Still, probably the most common ones relate to geolocation restrictions and annoying CAPTCHA verifications, at least for personal use.

It can encounter geolocation restrictions from “both sides” – a site you want to access with your IP address bans access from your country, or a site you want to access is banned in your country.

The two different reasons eventually lead to the same result – you’re disconnected from the content you’re attempting to reach. Your IP address is masked to one that can access the restricted content, allowing you to continue browsing without interruption using a proxy.

CAPTCHA verifications are less restricting, but many would argue, equally frustrating. We’ve all seen this before at least once – you’re trying to access a site like you’ve done numerous times before only to be prompted to verify you’re human by picking out cars or street signs.

It’s hard to pinpoint why this happens on a case per case basis (commonly, it has to do with bots and the number of suspicious requests), but essentially, your IP address is flagged, requiring added proof your request is legit. Using a proxy, your IP address is always “clean” and constantly evolving, so there’s a slim chance, at best, you’ll ever encounter this issue.


Using The Social Proxy to Fuel Your Business

Unlike your everyday browsing, there are many more tenable reasons to use The Social Proxy in your business. It not only does the obvious, like enhancing security but also has implementations in other business aspects. We’ll look to go over a few of them.

Brand Security and Protection

As we’ve mentioned earlier, security is vital in any online business. Running a proxy server limits unauthorized access while still being fully open to authorized users.

Security doesn’t only extend to your data but also to your brand. Having someone misusing your brand illegally could do as much, if not more, harm than having your data compromised. For example, you’ll be able to use a mobile proxy to turn the tables on those that have reworked your logo for their means by posing as someone else to catch the dead to rights.


Online marketing is much more complex than marketing through “regular media” because of the ever-present bots. When you advertise on TV, through the radio, or on a jumbo billboard, you can always be sure that people will be the ones who see – it might not affect them in any way, but they are your target audience.

On the other hand, ad impressions on the web are around 30% fraudulent, i.e., bots. The issue here is twofold: your numbers will be incorrect, causing you to base your strategies on information that is only partially true, and your campaigns will fail to reach your target audience.

To explain it in a more relatable fashion – roughly a third of your audience will be significant to your data numbers in the equivalent of showing the billboard above to a toaster.

Using a service like The Social Proxy will have a much better insight into your audience. Therefore, you will quickly sift through between the real people and the virtual imitations. The number will probably never be reduced to zero, but even 10% could mean a lot, especially if you command an extensive reach.

Ecommerce Research

There are a few things you do differently when running an eCommerce site compared to a regular site because of the sheer complexity of the former. While your run-of-the-mill site will potentially have users interacting with the content somehow, eCommerce sites handle anywhere from hundreds to thousands of transactions every day.

man using smartphone

The amount of data needed to make informed decisions based on numbers will be much easier to scrape data for prices, user tendencies, etc. Obtaining this data is more accessible through proxies because you can use them to scout the market with no fear of being detected by your competitors.

Using The Social Proxy, you’re virtually anonymous and free to gather all the data you need straight from the source.

Let’s say you want to catch up on the newest clothing trends and see the prices they’re fetching. If you scout all your competitors through the same IP, you’ll probably be flagged. However, masking your IP enables you to pose as a customer to gather your data.


The Social Proxy is an excellent tool for anybody looking to use mobile proxies.

While you should consider using proxies in your everyday, personal work, they’re much more needed while conducting business.

Virtually every aspect of your business can potentially benefit, from security and protection to marketing and research – all key elements of a successful web business. Combine all that with robust APIs for implementation and an all-encompassing dashboard, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

You’ll be getting loads of features for a reasonable price.

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