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8 Tips for Boosting Brand Awareness


One of the greatest feats in any company’s history is creating strong brand awareness. There’s a pretty good reason why today’s biggest companies in the world are nigh unforgettable. Granted brands like Coca-Cola had decades to raise brand awareness, but the impact of it is clear. New businesses obviously have a less all-encompassing presence but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t properly utilize brand awareness.

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Even if the aim is to boost your brand awareness in your niche community, the moment your business or product becomes a mainstay in that community the effort pays of in droves. And just to make it clear brand awareness refers to the memorability aspect of a business or brand.

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While there are a number of ways to boost your brand awareness, here are the top 8 tips that will help your brand grow:

1. Infographics

People in general love visual content. That’s why if you want to grow brand awareness make sure to utilize colorful and interesting infographics. Infographics in general are a great way to deliver a lot of information in a simple and easy-to-understand way. And the theme of the infographic can vary as well. From tutorials to general promotions if it can be written then it can be turned into an infographic. This idea is also pretty good for your recurring customers as, at least for simpler issues, an infographic tutorial is a lot easier to understand than the usually long and complicated product documentation.


2. Referral programs

Everyone likes free stuff, so if you give some incentive for people to refer your brand forward the general brand awareness will rise as well. Referral programs are in a sense mechanized word-of-mouth marketing. Instead of just being mentioned in passing by customers, with referral programs your customers deliberately send out free promotions for both your and their benefit.

It’s really important to think about how your brand should look and feel the same in every way you communicate. It’s worth understanding why following brand guidelines is important. This makes sure when your customers talk about your brand, they do it in a way that matches your brand’s look, values, and message.

After all, who would customers trust more: a random internet ad or their close friends. And while it may seem detrimental to give customers free discounts, in the long term those discounts may pay off tenfold as customers refer new people over and over again.


3. Grow your social media organically

There’s only one rule when it comes to social media profiles for brands, and that’s that they have to be organic. Customers simply dislike repetitive and mechanical social media profiles. SO instead try to grow a connection with your customers, by actively engaging with your audience and the internet in general. The moment people start doubting the genuine nature of your profiles, the risk of losing your followers increases. There’s no worse fate than customers believing that your social media is run by a bot. That just projects the image of laziness, and a lack of care for your customers.

Social Media

4. Find brand advocates

The best way to naturally promote brand awareness is through brand advocates. Find social media influencers that really need or want your products, and strike a deal with them. They’ll provide you with honest reviews that generate buzz and you’ll provide them with continued support. All the while both your brand awareness and your advocates will profit from the exchange of viewers. If you really hit it off with certain advocates this means that you’ll be able to grow a natural symbiotic relationship that benefits you both. It doesn’t matter if the advocates are TikTok celebrities, popular YouTubers, or even niche podcast authors all that matters is that their audience fits your target demographics.

Brand Advocates

5. Run ad campaigns

While there are more effective and natural ways to run your brand awareness campaigns, it is important to note that you shouldn’t forget to use ad campaigns. They’re a staple in modern marketing and their results are clear, ad campaigns work. Especially if you run ad campaigns on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, you can grow your brand with ease. The most important part of running ad campaigns is that you find your target audience, since ad campaigns are costly their effectiveness must be guaranteed.

Ad Campaign

6. Find brand partners

This tip is quite similar to brand advocates as it also requires cooperation and partnership to work. But this time it revolves around brands that are similar to yours, where do cross-promotional events. Finding brand partners allows you to exchange your customer base to mutually grow your businesses with each other’s audience. And make sure your brand partners are similar but not identical, after all, you wouldn’t want to give a boost to your competitors.

Brand Partners

7. Improve customer experience

No matter how big or small your brand is, the most important aspect of it will always be your customers. So to make sure your brand awareness grows, create the best possible customer experience. Not only will customers leave the brand site happy and satisfied, but it also increases the chance that customers will engage in word-of-mouth marketing. Plus in the grand scheme of things, if the brand has a good customer experience, people won’t complain about the brand thus avoiding a negative impact on brand awareness.

Customer Satisfaction

8. Utilize guest posting

And finally, make sure to utilize guest posting or guest blogging. This means that you devote a part of your blogging and marketing to other websites and in return, your brand gains access to a completely new audience. It’s quite a simple deal, you create some free content for the business you’re guest posting while and in exchange these posts can lead new customers onto your website.

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