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How to Adapt Internet Marketing for Different Industries


Over 4 billion people use the internet, and there are over 1.8 billion websites with over 300 million registered domain names; only under 400 million websites are active. With that said, the web is a populated place, especially when it comes to e-commerce and e-services; it’s a trillion-dollar market and spans various industries.

If you own an online #business, you will need digital #marketing tools to reach the right audience.

Online marketing predictions indicate that the average person sees over 4000 ads per day. There are millions of businesses vying for their audience’s attention for the ultimate goal of customer conversion and retention. So, what digital marketing tools will assist in reaching the right audience? Below, we briefly discuss five different industries and how to adapt internet marketing strategies for each one.

How to Adapt Internet Marketing for Different Industries

1. Ebook Marketing

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The Ebook market is worth over $20 billion, and with more authors able to self-publish, it’s only growing. Considering the following recommended steps will assist any author with improving book sales.

Author branding is an important step for media exposure; this can be done through press releases and media interviews; this will pique interest in others as they see the author engaging in important discussions and usually alongside other best-selling authors on top 10 lists or other media.

Methods like email marketing will help build relationships with readers and keep them updated on events and book releases, as well as gain more reviews. This works well once a few hundred or thousand books have been sold and readers know who the author is.

2. Music and Entertainment

The worldwide entertainment and media market is worth over two trillion dollars; this spans film, music, books, and broadcasting entities like TV, magazines, and radio. As this industry continues to grow, artists will need to promote themselves and their businesses even more.

Recommended steps involve developing media visibility through consistent press releases to increase social followings, reviews, sales, and downloads.

Other ways include social media verification, especially for platforms like Instagram. Verifying social media accounts is an important step for artists to ensure their fans come to the right place and are not dispersed among fan pages.

3. Tech and Software Companies

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Tech and software include things such as electronic-based technology like computers, digital electronics, internet-based services like e-commerce, IT (Information Technology), and more; 56% of the technology industry is composed of hardware, software, and services. Globally, the tech industry is estimated to grow to $5 trillion in 2021.

The best place to start gaining visibility and credibility is to have several press releases done, especially if there is a new product launch. For a long-term marketing strategy, on-site content will build a relationship with the target audience, as well as provide more information for the audience about the particular service and/or product.

Off-site content, like editorial news articles and guest posting, will help grow a following, especially using backlinks. Other tools include social media verification, pay-per-click advertising, and email marketing tools.

4. Interior Designers and Home Decorators

The interior design industry’s market value is reflected as over $14 billion in the U.S., with a 3.5% growth for 2021. For any interior design business, starting or established, leveraging online marketing tools will improve web traffic; this can be done through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PR, and digital marketing.

Guest posting can help with off-site content; posting on another site that already has an established following, using links to the respective website or service will also enhance SEO.

Editorial news articles and press releases will provide another avenue to promote interior design services, increase brand credibility, and keep clients up to date with the latest events or projects in the interior design business.

5. Mental Health Rehab and Addiction

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There are over 10 million adults with suicidal thoughts in the United States, this has increased by over 400,000 people since 2020, and over 45 million U.S. citizens have a mental illness. With the increase of various mental health issues, there will always be a need to provide as much information and education about these issues, making it as easy as possible to access.

Various online marketing methods will assist in positioning content and helpline numbers when these are searched for online – usually, these are searched for in desperation for help.

SEO is an important tool, including using the right keywords for a web page so that it shows up at the top of search results. Partnering with other organizations and posting as a guest with backlinks to the website will increase visibility.


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