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AuthorIkechi Ude

How to Add an Author Box in WordPress


If you don’t already have an author box on your WordPress blog, you could be losing a lot in terms of credibility and user confidence. And not just that, but also transparency, subject authority, and other factors that drive user base growth on every blog. Since there are many efficient and easy-to-follow tutorials on how to an add author box in WordPress, there is really no reason to land...

Guide to Understanding CSS Variables


CSS Variables (also referred to as cascading variables or custom properties) are style sheet language entities that contain specific values that can be reused throughout a web document. For instance, if your website’s main color is green and you want to apply the color to various HTML elements throughout the website. The ideal concept is to declare the color a CSS variable so you could...

How to Decide Which Payment Gateway to Use to Sell Your Product


Choosing the right payment gateway to use to sell your product can be very challenging, especially if you have very little or no knowledge of how payment systems work. Some new merchants believe it’s not necessary to understand how a payment gateway works – provided the gateway has every necessary technology to act as a middleman between them and their customers. Many may have avoided the...

Top 5 WordPress Visual Builder Plugins


The advent of WordPress visual builder plugins is a clear message to all: WordPress is gravely focused on its primary goal of assisting users in building custom website pages without having to write any codes and in a flexible manner. It’s a promise of the current era, and designing a website can only get easier as computing continues to make a shift. Ever since the word computer graphics was...

How to Optimize Email Follow-Ups for SaaS Sales


The ongoing shift to cloud computing among modern businesses has triggered an exponential revenue expansion in the software as a service (SaaS) industry, with the global SaaS market expected to grow 17.8 percent in 2019, according to Gartner’s report. However, competition is responding accordingly; it’s growing wide. And SaaS marketing departments must work hard to match the market’s ripple. This...

The WordPress Specialists