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AuthorLexie Lu

Lexie Lu is a designer and writer. She loves researching trends in the web and graphic design industry. She writes weekly on Design Roast and can be followed on Twitter @lexieludesigner.

5 Audacious Web Designs That Have Our Full Attention


A website makes your business look more professional. You can use it to pull in new leads, distribute information, and make an excellent first impression. People expect most companies, even local ones, to have a website. The average consumer expects to pull up information online, with around 97% turning to the internet to research local businesses. Unless they already know your company, you risk...

How to Showcase Your Latest Deals on Your Site


One of the most effective ways to bring in additional business is offering discounts to new or repeat customers. Whether Black Friday is approaching or you’re going through a seasonal slump, people often expect deals during certain seasons. Use specials to your advantage to close sales when they’re most needed. According to Statista, around 88% of consumers use coupons while shopping. More than...

Top Ways to Advertise Your First Event During a Global Pandemic


Depending on where you live, businesses and schools may have shut down for months on end. You may have had to postpone business events, attend others virtually, and find new ways to reach out to your regular customers. Perhaps the regulations eased a bit as summer nears an end and you’re looking toward holding your first event since COVID-19 struck the shores of America. The Centers for...

8 Reasons Why Your Online Business Should Emulate Amazon


While you shouldn’t try to compete with a mega-giant like Amazon, you can learn from the things that make them so successful. Their customer experience (CX) model is one of the best around. In the first quarter of 2020, Amazon hit about $75.45 billion in net sales. The retailer grows year after year, despite world events and negative impacts on the global economy. While you shouldn’t...

How to Promote Timely Sales on Your Website


There is an old rule of in-person sales that a shopper is much more likely to make a purchase as they stand in front of you than if they leave to “think it over.” The consumer may never come back, forget they were considering the purchase, or decide against it. The same rule can apply to online sales. At the same time, you need to balance ongoing efforts to recruit users into leads by...

Why Your Site Design Should Include Stronger CTAs


The entire goal of your website is to attract new customers and keep current ones educated and interested. Not only do you need to drive traffic to your pages, but once people are there, you need them to convert into leads and clients. You probably already have CTAs on your pages, but are they the best they can be? Discover five main reasons why they may need to be stronger. 1. Direct Users Where...

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