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5+ Free Privacy Tools for Protecting Your Personal Data: Improve Security of Your Website


The internet is a truly wild place. As the first piece of media that isn’t regulated on a massive scale, the internet became a place of wonder and danger. But everyday users don’t see that and consider it a trustworthy oasis with no flaws. Users can feel safe while browsing due to the rigorous and extensive work that SSL and TLS protocols apply on every website. In turn, this gives...

The Best Tools for Creating Social Media Images That Will Take Your Business to the Next Level


Social media is the way of the future. That sentence isn’t revolutionary anymore as social media has become a staple of our society. But what people don’t seem to understand is that social media is slowly taking over other facets of the internet. News portals focus their works in shorter, more social media-friendly formats as standard portal scrolling/exploration dwindles. If you take...

Top Code Assessment Platforms For Software Engineers: Take the Assessment Process to a Whole New Level


When it comes to running a business, especially one so reliant on software engineers, you need to take special care when hiring your (future) employees. After all, no business can thrive if its workforce is unskilled and unmotivated. However, to make sure you can hire your software engineers as quickly as possible while maintaining a high standard of the required skills, you need to utilize Code...

Best WordPress WhatsApp Plugins: Become More Accessible by Adding an Extra Communication Channel


As of right now, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. With its stunning growth over the last few years, it swept the competition off of its feet. Hence, it really is no wonder why WordPress plugin developers decided to make plugins dedicated to WhatsApp. For those that need a bit of a refresher, WhatsApp is a free instant messaging app with which you can message, voice call...

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