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How Hosting Affects Website Promotion


The server allows to store information and provide uninterrupted access to it for other users. To place a site on the server, you need to contact the company that owns the appropriate facilities. Service to ensure round-the-clock rotation of the site on the Internet is hosting.

In any case, the result depends on the quality of the service.

Whether your website has a chance of reaching no.1 position on Google’s SERPs, depends heavily on the hosting backing it up

And in this situation, the characteristics and configuration of hosting affect the site and its rating in search engines.

What parameters of hosting do affect the SEO?

1. Site availability depends on hosting

The site must be available at all times. Why does it have to be? High site uptime helps search engines to index the site regularly and improve its position. The perfect uptime is 99.98%. In this case, the site runs smoothly; the search bot gets on it always.

website's uptime is important

Instant access to the site is the key to the maximum number of visits. If the user did not get to the site, it is unlikely that he will make another attempt, the owner of the resource loses confidence, and the number of clients is being reduced.

The uninterrupted operation of the site depends on hosting. If the hoster has powerful servers, does not save on components, provides site protection from cyberattacks, and responds quickly to all kinds of problems, you can count on high uptime and successful promotion of the site.

When choosing SEO hosting, you should pay attention to the presence of a test period during which you can check the site for availability because another common problem is HTTP error 500.

The cause of the error with this code is a server configuration error or the display of information that a component failure has occurred. With error 500, the software works, but there are serious internal problems that prevent requests from being processed properly.

Error 500 – internal, so if it has arisen on the site you want to view, you can only visit it later, when it is restored. Such an error sometimes appears at sites built on different CMS.

It indicates that the requests are being processed incorrectly. Because of this, users and search engines can not fully work with the site. It is necessary to identify and correct the reason why the error message appeared; only then will you find out how to fix HTTP error 500. In the case where the error appears frequently and is eliminated only by technical support, you should change hosting.

2. Site load speed affects SEO-promotion

Rapidly opening sites are loved by users and search bots.

The speed of page loading depends on several characteristics of the server:

  • server response time;
  • server performance;
  • server workload.

Server response time

This indicator is as important as the availability of the site. The less server response time, the more pages are indexed by search bots, more users will visit the resource, which means that the site will have a higher position in the ranking of search engines, a higher level of trust potential customers.

Server room.

There are many reasons why the server can respond for a long time, including low-speed DNS-servers. When the user opens the site, the request goes to the domain name system, and only then the request is sent to the server that stores the site. Response time will be less if the domain and hosting will be on the same server or in the same network.

Server performance

Hardware and software components of the server must be of high quality; it is the only way to ensure that the hosting will provide the desired results.

More productive equipment will provide a high response rate, fast loading pages with content of varying complexity.

High-quality equipment is expensive, which means that free hosting will not raise the site in the right positions.  For a site to occupy the top lines of search engine rankings, the hosting service must be bought.

There are different tariff plans for hosting and round-the-clock support for the performance of sites, the description of each specify the server parameters, basic and additional services. For more detailed information on the performance, you should contact their support team.

Server workload

The speed of site opening depends on how much percentage of server resources are used (hard disk, RAM, CPU). Each tariff plan has its own limits, so it is advisable to switch to another tariff service if the limits are constantly exceeded.

Server resource intensity is difficult to determine at once, so you can use the test period and make an analysis of hosting different providers.

Server Quality

The speed of page loading depends on several characteristics of the server:

  • upload to servers the same site;
  • to place the most visited page;
  • to conduct research at different times.

Testing will show the basic parameters of the site, will help you choose a provider who has a higher speed hosting. Typically, the monitoring period does not exceed 10-14 days, but they are quite enough to study the data and determine the purchase of the site.

3. Search engines’ trust in hosting

Hosting for SEO can not be free for one more reason: the low trust of search engines.

Free service is notorious for slow page loading, malfunctions, overall lower server performance, but the worst is about lack of technical support in case of problems.

It is believed that the free hosting hosts amateur projects and business companies prefer the choice of hosting for a site with higher-quality paid servers. Therefore, search engines do not specifically index such sites and do not let them rise in the ranking.

The right choice of hosting for your site

Select a server for the site need, based on the volume and weight of your site, as well as the services provided by hosting. It is best to take a paid hosting site because it will get the optimal server performance – it will have a positive impact on the work of the site and its position in the issue.

Hosting for your site affects the promotion of the site, and it is obvious. The more pages and different elements the site contains, the better and more productive it should be the server equipment. An excellent solution is to buy a dedicated server for your site, although it will require a lot of money. But you will not just get a place to host, and the whole server at your disposal.

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