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MilesWeb — The Best VPS Hosting for First-Timers


MilesWeb should be on your web hosting shortlist if you’re the type of customer who likes a creative boutique more than a big box store. The company is well-known for its low-cost shared, cloud, dedicated, reseller, and VPS hosting solutions. They provide a 30-day money-back guarantee and a free website builder with most of their hosting plans. Do the features on these low-cost plans suffer...

HostArmada Review – Affordable Hosting You Can Fully Rely on


As we have seen, this year has brought many changes, not just in terms of how we live, but also how we do and will continue to do business. Basically, most businesses and processes went digital. This sped up the transition into conducting everything online, from simple grocery shopping to team meetings, as well as learning. By switching to online, the need for fast and safe internet browsing, new...

Estimating Data and Bandwidth Needs for Small Business Websites


The Internet has experienced explosive growth with almost 3.8 billion users as of March 2017. There are over a billion websites already on the web with more being added every minute. Where does your business website fit into this scenario, and how can you make sure your site is running effectively? The answer is in the meaning and measurement of two concepts: Data and Bandwidth and which hosting...

How Hosting Affects Website Promotion


The server allows to store information and provide uninterrupted access to it for other users. To place a site on the server, you need to contact the company that owns the appropriate facilities. Service to ensure round-the-clock rotation of the site on the Internet is hosting. In any case, the result depends on the quality of the service. And in this situation, the characteristics and...

4 Ways Server Monitoring Can Benefit Your Site


Server monitoring is essential for keeping an eye on how your website is functioning. This allows them to seamlessly browse each page of content, which can have a positive impact on your overall brand success and incoming revenue. There are many reasons why you should begin using Linux performance monitoring for your server. In doing so, you’ll be improving the end-user experience for your...

5 Linux and Windows Hosting Differences You Should Know About


If you are considering between Linux and Windows hosting for your business or personal website, then you definitely want first to identify your technological needs. The fact that Linux operating system (OS) currently runs on more web servers (over 55 %) than Windows (around 30%), according to W3Techs, is not a yardstick for choosing Linus hosting over Windows hosting. Both servers are relatively...

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