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Just an over-stressed student trying to learn new things. Major coffee-addict and sports-lover; I either play tennis or drink coffee! Also, probably going to spend my honeymoon traveling across Asia.

What SaaS Tools Should Every Startup Have?


Being a startup is hard. You never have enough time, resources, money, or staff to help you run your business. When we look at successful startups, the ones that succeed are the ones that find ways to be most efficient and effective. Luckily for you, there are many different web-based tools made to help you and your startup overcome common issues you might face: minimal budgets, time constraints...

The Ultimate List of SaaS Tools Every Blogger Must Have


In today’s time, many bloggers have found a way to monetize their blogs by selling and promoting merchandise, soliciting donations from readers, or with affiliate marketing programs. Simply put, a blog is a website that is maintained by a blogger. Blogs have certain topics and are regularly updated by blog posts. The software is located on external servers, instead of on in-house servers. The...

Best WordPress Plugins for Amazon Affiliates


The Amazon affiliate program has become very popular among bloggers, e-commerce sellers, and influencers. The Amazon affiliate program, also known as Amazon Associates, is a type of affiliate marketing program that allows people to earn passive income as affiliate marketers. It is a very popular program, and anyone who wishes to take part in affiliate marketing can join as it is an effective way...

The WordPress Specialists