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Beginner’s Guide to Keywords Research


In the world of search engines, keywords are what makes everything tick. They’re the essence both directly and indirectly. The reason you need to pay attention to them and how you use them is because most traffic you’ll get is going to be through search engines (most prominently Google). The days of typing an URL in the address bar are, statistically, gone. Generally, there’s always going to be a...

Best Online Tools for Checking Grammar


These days it seems like you always have to write something. True, it’s mostly in electronic form, but no matter if you’re working or if you’re at college, there is a lot of writing to be done. Especially if you’re in a hurry, typos can easily happen. Or maybe English is not your mother tongue, and you’re just not sure if you should put the definite article before...

The Cocktail Technique: The Next SEO Trick You Should Try


You have worked hard on creating your website. You’ve got the greatest idea since sliced bread, and you have been grinding all day every day to present it to the world. You’ve mastered Gutenberg to create an astonishing WordPress site. Spent hours reading up on design and CSS styles. One too many sleepless nights creating content for your site and debating with yourself whether you should attempt...

A Step by Step Guide to Write Interesting SEO Content


As a writer, you have to deal with various challenges. One of these challenges is writing interesting and engaging content for apparently not so interesting or boring topics. Writing on such a topic may become a headache because you find it boring and there is nothing interesting in it. If you try to write it as a compulsion, your content won’t feel engaging, and eventually, no one would take an...

The WordPress Specialists