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11 Must-Have Tools for Design Agencies & Freelancers


The design world is full of creative tools (and websites) that you can add to your artistic arsenal. We’re not talking about Photoshop here but the plethora of undiscovered tools and websites that can tweak your website development (and design, of course) a bit and set it on a rocket’s speed. Design, upload, test, rectify, and present it to the client! This post includes those best tools that are...

Top 10 Color Tools for Web Designers


Choosing a color or website theme maybe doesn’t sound like the most important element when building a website, but it still matters and should be done properly. When doing this, you should choose your color palettes and themes carefully so it all looks great and fits with your brand. Remember, different colors affect your visitors differently so you should be cautious when choosing a color, and...

Why Your Site Design Should Include Stronger CTAs


The entire goal of your website is to attract new customers and keep current ones educated and interested. Not only do you need to drive traffic to your pages, but once people are there, you need them to convert into leads and clients. You probably already have CTAs on your pages, but are they the best they can be? Discover five main reasons why they may need to be stronger. 1. Direct Users Where...

Six Benefits to Having an Interactive Landing Page


Gone are the days of a flat, boring landing page. Enter the interactive landing page that engages site visitors and makes them want to hang around for a while. Businesses spend a lot of time and money getting users to their website. The last thing you want is for them to simply bounce away again. The best way of ensuring people stay on your site after landing there is to make your page as...

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